Meet David Eger, the man that told on Tiger Woods during the Masters

The man pictured to the left is name David Eger. Currently, Eger is Champions tour golfer. Before joining the Champions tour, Eger was a tournament director with both the PGA Tour and the USGA. So in other words, Eger is deeply versed in the ins and outs of tournament etiquette and rules. So when Tiger […]

Tiger Woods decided to go public with his relationship with Lindsey Vonn to stick it to the paparazzi

On Monday, Tiger Woods decided to announce to the world that he and Lindsey Vonn were dating by posting Glamour shots and releasing a statement about the relationship on his Facebook page. Historically, this is not a Tiger Woods move. The old Tiger Woods would do everything in his power to keep each and every […]

Elin Nordegren‘s new boyfriend has a bigger yacht than Tiger Woods

That’s right. Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren is dating billionaire Chris Cline who also happens to own a yacht that is 9 feet bigger and is worth $7 million more than Tiger’s. And he even had the nerve to park it “directly in front of Tiger Woods’ yacht in a Florida Marina.” Scandal. [Telegraph]

Remember the time when Lindsey Vonn mocked Tiger Woods for his sex scandal?

It’s funny how things change. And quickly Back in 2010, Time Magazine asked Lindsey Vonn about the Tiger Woods scandal that rocked the sporting world in 2009. At the time Vonn was married to her ski coach and spoke candidly to the magazine about the scandal and openly mocked Tiger for his “apology”.

Tiger Woods took to Facebook to announce his relationship with Lindsey Vonn and to post Glamour shots

After about a month of speculation, Tiger Woods finally decided to announce on his Facebook page that he and skier Lindsey Vonn are an item.

Australian golf resort owner says Tiger Woods is ‘not a good example for kids’, doesn’t want him at his at his tournament

Most people have either forgotten about the scandal that rocked the person life of Tiger Woods in 2010 or they just have moved on from it. But there’s at least one golf resort in Australian that has done neither. Clive Palmer, owner of the Palmer Coolum Resort, spoke recently with The Australian about retaining the […]