Video: Mexico fans were fighting each other during CONCACAF game against U.S.

As many of you may know, the USMNT loss to Mexico in their CONCACAF game last weekend. While many questioned the approach of the U.S. team, Mexico played very well. But that didn’t stop some of their fans from getting into with each other during the game. As you will see below, there was some type […]

Video: Australia soccer chairman falls off stage during trophy presentation

I have seen a lot of funny things in my time, but this one might be the best. Let me introduce to you Frank Lowry, who is the chairman of Football Federation Australia. Lowry, who is 84-years-old came out to present a championship trophy to Melbourne Victory after winning the A-League Grand Final.

Members of University of New Mexico women's soccer team involved in hazing incident

Members of the University of New Mexico women’s soccer team are being interviewed by the school’s athletic department over a hazing incident. The investigation started Monday night when the school’s police department responded to a 911 call of a soccer player being intoxicated at an off campus location. One of the players family has attainted […]

England manager Roy Hodgson is not happy with timing of NFL's scheduled games

It seems that the London NFL games have been a big hit for the locals as they have come out and supported the games. The NFL believes the games have been a success as well and have announced that more games will be played in London next year. Well there is one man who is not […]

Banned soccer fans respond to ban by parachuting flares into the stadium

Turkish team Fenerbahçe was serving out a penalty imposed on them by UEFA where they were forced to play a match without their fans in attendance. The team itself complied completely with the ban, but Fenerbahçe supporters were obviously not too happy about it.

Soccer team’s goal is allowed despite there being two balls on the pitch

We’ve never played soccer and we’re not quite up on all the rules, but we know the basics. You can’t touch the ball with your hands, you can’t just purposefully tackle your opponents, and we thought you couldn’t use two balls at the same time. But according to this video, you can. And if you […]

Soccer player casually tosses hand grenade off the pitch, grenade explodes

So apparently, someone threw a hand grenade on the pitch during a local club match in Isfahan, Iran. A player finds the grenade and decides that the pitch is nowhere for a grenade to be. So the player casually tosses it off the pitch and seconds later, the grenade explodes.

Ronaldinho drinks a Pepsi at press conference, loses $750,000 Coca-Cola endorsement deal

When soccer star Ronaldinho sat down to speak to reporters at a press conference, the last thing he thought would happen is that he would lose an endorsement deal worth $750,000. But that’s exactly what happened when Ronaldinho sat in the press conference and casually sipped a Pepsi. Which in turn pissed off Coca-Cola executives […]

Chinese soccer fan dies after going eleven days without sleep watching every Euro 2012 match

We completely understand that Euro 2012 is serious business across the pond. But we had no idea that it was serious enough to go without sleep to ensure that not a minute was missed. Well, that’s what Chinese supporter of England and France Jiang Xiaoshan attempted to do for eleven days straight. But unfortunately, the […]

Watch this Holland fan put a boot on Germany’s team bus

This video was uploaded yesterday with the title of “Holland Fan Clamp The German Team Bus”. And though we were not positive at first that the man doing the “clamping” on Germany’s bus was indeed a Holland fan, he dispels any doubt when he displays his Holland kit after doing the deed. But enough of […]