Questionable Poses: Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, and a shirtless Justin Bieber

Let’s take a moment to examine what the h*ll is going on in the above photo, shall we?

Questionable Pose: Chris Bosh wearing something only Chris Bosh would wear

Chris Bosh is the undisputed king of creating questionable moments that will live on forever. But as you can see, he has now turned his attention to becoming the undisputed king of questionable poses. We won’t even attempt to explain what Bosh is wearing here. All we know is that he probably shouldn’t be wearing […]

Questionable Poses: Alabama fans use their baby as a football in family portrait

We’re not quite sure what to say about this photo. There’s just so much going on here. Dad has a t-shirt that has the word “Swag” on it. Mom actually agreed to let her newborn be used as a football. And the kids are smiling as if all this is normal. Well, besides the young […]

Questionable Pose: Tyson Chandler wearing something Tyson Chandler should not be allowed to wear

You know, maybe that headline is a little too extreme. It’s a free country. Tyson Chandler should be allowed to wear whatever he likes.

Questionable Poses: Kenny Stills photographed wearing a dress

Not sure what to say about this photo of Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills in a dress. We’re just relieved that the photo was a joke according to a poster.

Questionable Poses: Amar’e Stoudamire shows up to Heat-Celtics game dressed as Shabba-doo

Amar’e Stoudamire and his fiancé Alexis decided to make an appearance at Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. And instead of dressing like a normal person, Stoudamire decided to show up dressed as Shabba-doo. Don’t remember who Shabba-doo is? We’ll refresh your memory.

Questionable Poses: Soccer player poses for a photo with a young child with Playboy Magazine in hand

Here we have Santos Laguna defender Felipe Baloy happily taking time out of his day, which obviously included purchasing a Playboy magazine, to stop for a photo op with a young lad. As you can see, the photo has something for everyone. If you love to see celebrities taking adorable pictures with fans, the picture […]

Questionable Poses: Charles Barkley in a dress for his latest Weight Watchers commercial

We know that this isn’t an image you would like to see this early in the morning, but it was either now or right after you’ve had your lunch. And we’re pretty sure you didn’t want to see Charles Barkley in a dress after you’ve just polished off that lunch you have planned for today. […]

Questionable Poses: Victor Cruz is New York’s latest victim

Yep, this is what winning a Super Bowl in New York has done to Victor Cruz. He now gets to dress up in foolishness and stare into the camera all in the name of “fashion”! Why that is a good thing, we really don’t know. But if you’re interested you can hear from Cruz himself […]

Questionable Poses: Chris Bosh has that look in his eyes

Now you usually don’t get two questionable poses posts in a day, but this one was just too good to pass up. For the record I like Chris Bosh as a player, but the way he looks at (let’s just say people) is kind of suspect. If you don’t think the picture above is suspect, […]