Brandon Marshall on taking pay cut: It's not about the money anymore, It's all about winning

New York Jets and Miami Dolphins fans were throwing hands out in a parking lot

Mark Sanchez believes the Jets want to put him on IR

It should be crystal clear by now that the Jets want the Mark Sanchez era to be over. The problem with that is that the Geno Smith era, in the short term at least, doesn’t look all that promising. And there’s no way that Jets fans will stand for Geno Smith throwing interception after interception […]

Are you surprised that the Jets reportedly had discussion about bringing in JaMarcus Russell?

If you are, you shouldn’t be. This is the same franchise that trotted out at quarterback the two players voted to be the most overrated players in the league by their peers. So why not bring in a 308 pound draft bust looking to make a comeback?

The New York Jets are basically begging candidates to reconsider taking their open GM job

The New York Jets have interviewed a slew of individuals for their vacant GM position. But apparently, no one wants the job. We already know that candidates have been told that they are stuck with Rex Ryan for at least next season, but according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports that isn’t the issue for […]

Jets fans let their team have it on the way to the locker room on Thanksgiving

Oh Jets fans. This is why you can’t have nice things. We understand that you’re frustrated with your beloved Jets’ play. But screaming “you suck”, “don’t even come out after halftime” and hurling obscenities at the players isn’t helping anything. And to the guys screaming, “Tebow, I want you in the second half” and “Tebow, […]

Things are so bad for the NY Jets that Fireman Ed has decided to quit as their unofficial mascot

The Jets got dominated by the Patriots 49-19 on Thanksgiving night. And along with losing their seventh game in eleven tries, they also managed to lose their unofficial mascot, “Fireman Ed”. For the second week in a row, Ed Anzalone left a Jets game a halftime because of confrontations with fellow fans. According to Anzalone, […]