And here’s a hockey fight that took place during the ceremonial puck drop

It seems that the obligatory fight in a hockey game is popping up in games earlier and earlier these days. We thought we had seen it all when the Rangers and Devils got it on as soon as the puck dropped, but what you’re about to see definitely takes the cake. Before a CHL playoff […]

And here’s Toledo Walleye coach Nick Vitucci throwing anything he can find on the ice before being ejected

Don’t know who Nick Vitucci is, nor am I interested in learning about him. Mainly because this video tells me all I need to know about the man. That when it’s time to meltdown, he aint afraid to MELTDOWN. For those of you that want to read the particulars, head on over to Puck Daddy.  […]

Man In Shorts Decides He Wants To Join In On A Hockey Fight

First question: Why is this dude wearing shorts at a hockey game? Second question: Why does he feel the need to get involved in a fight on the ice? Third question: Why am I so entertained by fans getting involved in hockey fights? Via Puck Daddy

One Hockey Referee Trips Over A Ceremonial Carpet, So A Second Hockey Referee Decides To Trip Over The Same Ceremonial Carpet

Questions that instantly come to mind: Why is there a ceremonial carpet at a hockey game? What made these referees think that they could skate over a ceremonial carpet? Why is there a ceremonial carpet at a hockey game? Via Deadspin

Minor League Hockey Team Set To Have A Charlie Sheen Night

Everyone knows that minor League baseball is the breeding ground for crazy promotional games. But since the baseball season isn’t underway just yet, there’s a void for Charlie Sheen promotional games. Enter the Bakersfield Condors. The Condors intend to take full advantage of all the “Winning” Sheen has been doing recently on March 12th where […]

And Here’s A Hockey Fight That Is Promptly Ended With Two Punches

In a Central Hockey League game between Allen’s Americans (yeah, I know) and Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs (hey, I didn’t name them), Judd Blackwater of the Americans decided to fight Jim Jorgensen of the Mudbugs. The process of participating in this hockey fight began as most of them do, until Blackwater decided that he wanted the fight […]

Six Slovenian Hockey Players Celebrate A Title By Roughing Up Their Coach

Yes, that headline is accurate. And yes, that headline is unlike any other headline you’ve ever read. Just to put this in perspective, let’s all imagine that we’ve just won a title in whichever sport you desire. You and your teammates go out for some adult beverages to celebrate and to cap off the night, […]