Damon Harrison hopes to re-sign with the New York Jets, but will do what’s best for him

The New York Jets have many decisions to make with free agents on their defensive line. Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and defensive tackle Damon Harrison are both free agents this off-season. The Jets are expected to franchise tag Wilkerson, but the future is uncertain for Harrison.

Defensive tackle Damon Harrison says he would be a SG in the NBA if he wasn’t in the NFL

I think there are plenty of players who are in the National Football League that could be a professional in another sport. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders are two perfect examples of what I am talking about. But they are some players that I just can’t see making that type of transition.

Jets’ Damon Harrison believes he is the best nose tackle in the NFL

The defensive players on the New York Jets are very confident in their team and their abilities. Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson are two of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. And with the addition of first round pick Leonard Williams, the Jets could give plenty teams a lot of trouble.