Joe Haden is all for the Browns selecting Myles Garrett with No.1 pick

With the NFL Draft just one week away, there are many questions that are still unanswered right now. One of the most asked questions is about who will be the first pick in the draft.

Report: Cleveland Browns are targeting UNC QB Mitch Trubisky

Report: Cleveland Browns fired scouts who liked Carson Wentz before the draft

The Browns say they haven’t second guessed not drafting Carson Wentz, are obviously lying

Report: Jimmy Haslam wanted Bill Parcells to run the Browns

Earlier today, we discussed a few possible reasons why Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam decided to part ways with Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi. Thanks to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, we now have yet another possible driving force behind Haslam’s decision.

Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner reportedly disagreed on whether Greg Schiano should be considered for Browns job

Now that the initial shock of Jimmy Haslam completely cleaning house in the Browns’ front office, it’s now time to peel back all the layers and find out what prompted Haslam’s decision. The first layer was peeled back by Peter King of the MMQB in a column about the Browns’ current situation that was released […]

Maurice Clarret wants a tryout with the Browns

With the rise of Twitter, we get to see professional athletes completely unfiltered. Whether that be getting so upset that they try to arrange a fight with a follower. Or even giving us a window into a blind date that isn’t going so well.