Brandon Marshall on taking pay cut: It's not about the money anymore, It's all about winning

Broncos' Brandon Marshall and T.J. Ward made some huge accusations during MNF

Brandon Marshall: Denver Broncos are not a dirty team

Brandon Marshall: We'll be OK without Ryan Fitzpatrick

Brandon Marshall says confrontation with Cullen Jenkins was personal

Leading up to Sunday’s game between the New York Jets and the New York Giants, all we heard was both sides didn’t believe this was a rivalry game. Well if you watched the game, I’m sure you are thinking otherwise as both teams got after each other. A game like this one I’m sure was […]

Brandon Marshall: “I’m one of the best and it pisses me off that no one recognizes it”

Ever since his arrival in the NFL, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been one of the top players at his position. But people tend to talk more about Marshall’s off the field stuff than what he does on the field.. When there is a discussion about who are the top wide receivers […]

Brandon Marshall: “It’s blasphemy to doubt Peyton Manning’s arm”

The last time something was wrote about a different Brandon Marshall, things didn’t go to well. The one who plays linebacker for the Denver Broncos got his name thrown around in our comment section a few years back.  I think things will go a little bit smoother this time around because many people knows he doesn’t play […]

Geno Smith’s football IQ and passion played a big part in Brandon Marshall choosing the Jets

Before WR Brandon Marshall was traded from Chicago to the New York Jets, the pro bowl receiver did his homework first. Marshall said that he called a lot QBs that needed help at receiver to see what was their mindset. Marshall said he canceled out one team after getting a “Oh, that’s good” response from […]

Brandon Marshall says he’s heard of players using Viagra to gain an edge

In the midst of the multiple Adderall suspensions in the NFL over the past couple of days, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall decided that he would inform of another drug that players take.