Report: Adrian Peterson not expected to sign with anyone before NFL Draft

As we get closer to the NFL Draft, many are still wondering about where former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will end up at. Since his release a few months ago, there have been many teams interested in Peterson but different issues have held things back.

Adrian Peterson has a torn meniscus, hasn’t been ruled out for Sunday

Emmitt Smith doesn’t know who will break his rushing record if Adrian Peterson can’t do it

Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith has gone on record multiple times that the only current player that could break his all-time rushing record is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. Now that most teams use the running back by committee approach, 30-35 carries are getting split up between two or three backs.

Adrian Peterson: “Marshawn Lynch is the second best RB in the NFL”

This weekend, the Minnesota Vikings will host the Seattle Seahawks in one of the NFC Wild Card games. This game will showcase two of the leagues best defenses and two of the best running backs as well. Adrian Peterson, who many believe is the best running back in the NFL gave a lot of praise […]

Adrian Peterson on wanting more touches: “That’s the mindset of a player who wants to be great”

The aftershock from the beat down the Seattle Seahawks delivered to the Minnesota Vikings is still being felt. Running back Adrian Peterson was one of main players who was vocal about how the Vikings were dominated in that game. Another thing he was vocal about was not getting a lot of touches in the game as […]

Mike Zimmer on Adrian Peterson’s comments: “I don’t really worry about other people’s opinions”

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson expressed his frustration after getting dominated by the Seattle Seahawks. Peterson said that the Vikings were outcoached in so many different areas on Sunday. Head coach Mike Zimmer was asked about the comments his star player made and he didn’t seem bothered.

Adrian Peterson: “Seahawks outcoached us in so many different areas”

The Minnesota Vikings are still trying to figure out what happened after getting blown out at home by the Seattle Seahawks. This was by far the worst game the Vikings played this season and now many have concerns about the team’s playoff hopes. One player who was disappointed in the way the game played out […]

Jerome Bettis: “Only Adrian Peterson can break Emmitt Smith’s rushing record”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers RB Jerome Bettis knows a good running back when he sees one. The former Pittsburgh Steeler will be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, but had some things to say about a current NFL RB. Adrian Peterson raised some eyebrows when he said that he thinks he can break […]

Adrian Peterson not expected to play in any preseason games

Minnesota Vikings fans are very happy that RB Adrian Peterson came to his sense and returned to the team. The reports about how Peterson looks has been promising as many have said he hasn’t missed a step. Many people thought that they would get the first glimpse of Peterson during one of the four preseason […]

Chris Kluwe on Adrian Peterson: “He hasn’t handled his situation particularly well”

The Minnesota Vikings and star RB Adrian Peterson are still at odds right now. Peterson has made it clear that he doesn’t know if he want to stay in Minnesota, The Vikings are willing to trade him, but their asking price is just too much. While Peterson feels like the team like him hanging during […]