The NBA D-League is experimenting with coaches challenges

Instant replay has been one of the most discussed topics in the NBA in the past few years. While it does have its flaws, instant replay has helped NBA referees especially during the playoffs. But as the NBA still struggles to get instant replay … [Read on]

Bernard Hopkins says his accomplishments go unnoticed because he’s black

Bernard Hopkins will go down as one of the best to ever put on boxing gloves. Hopkins has faced and beaten legendary and Hall of Fame boxers in a career that has lasted over 26 years. He also set a middleweight record for 20 title defenses from 1996 … [Read on]

Kevin Durant admits that Paul George’s injury led to him withdrawing from Team USA

When Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant withdrew his name from Team USA , we all had our own opinion on what lead to his decision. Most people believed that the gruesome injury that Indiana Pacers all-star Paul George suffered was the main … [Read on]

Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart confronted male cheerleader after game against Missouri

We all know that emotions can get the best of any one after a devastating loss. For the Kentucky Wildcats, they found themselves in a position to win the SEC East on Saturday if they won out. After losing to the Missouri Tigers 20-10, players and … [Read on]

Barry Trotz says Washington Capitals’ behavior has to change

The Washington Capitals are in a bad funk right now. The team has only won one game out of the last six, which has head coach Barry Trotz looking for answers. … [Read on]

Brandon Jennings is not happy with Stan Van Gundy’s comments about his play

Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy is not afraid to say things that make players feel uneasy. As Van Gundy tries to find out what might be his best rotation, he is making comments to the media along the way. The Pistons head coach had some … [Read on]

Report: Marcus Lattimore is contemplating his NFL future

It's has been a few years since San Francisco 49ers RB Marcus Lattimore suffered a gruesome knee injury when his was playing for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Coming into this week, many people thought that Lattimore would be making his NFL debut … [Read on]

After appearing in political ad, Bill Snyder has apologized and wants ad pulled

Kansas State Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder has his team in contention to make the college football playoffs this season. After his team defeated the dominated Oklahoma State, Snyder found himself discussing an issue that had nothing to do with the … [Read on]

Ole Miss beat writer Neal McCready thinks Auburn has made a deal with the devil to win football games (Video)

The Ole Miss Rebels lost more than a football game last Saturday night. Not only did the loss knock them out of the college football playoffs, it also knocked them out of the running for SEC West. But the worst part of the loss was the injury to WR … [Read on]

Jake Locker says he is frustrated but will be a ‘productive member’ of the Titans

Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker is hoping for another opportunity to prove himself to the coaching staff. Locker was benched in favor of rookie Zach Mettenberger who now seems to have a firm grip on the starting job. … [Read on]