Ed Reed had $50K stolen from his car

According to Click 2 Houston, someone stole $50K from a car belonging to New York Jets safety Ed Reed. The first question I suspect you have is why does Ed Reed have $50K sitting in his car? Well according to police, Reed had just left a bank in … [Continue reading]

Chandler Parsons celebrated getting drafted without knowing who drafted him

We always hear funny stories about how guys react to before and after getting drafted in the NBA. You can now add Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons' name to that group as well. … [Continue reading]

Amir Johnson showed up to Raptors game in a personalized jersey vest

Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson was discussed a lot last night despite not playing a single minute. Johnson was inactive for last night against the Atlanta Hawks because he is injured. So since he's inactive, the NBA's dress code says specifies … [Continue reading]

Report: Jimmy Haslam fired Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi because the two couldn’t get along

A new potential reason as to why Browns owner Jimmy Haslam decided to fire both Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi has emerged. According to Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, the relationship between Banner and Lombardi ended on bad terms as the two … [Continue reading]

Andrew Bynum was tossed out of his final practice with Cleveland because he wouldn’t stop shooting

Former Cleveland Cavalier now Indiana Pacer, Andrew Bynum has done very good for himself lately. He got out of a bad situation and now is a member of one of the top teams in the NBA. The Cavaliers took a chance on Bynum after the 76ers got rid of … [Continue reading]

LeBron James hits fall-away three to beat the Warriors

With about 12 seconds to go and the Golden State Warriors up 2, Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra decided not to call timeout and allow LeBron James to win the game for the Heat. With no double team in sight, James went one-on-one with Andre Iguodala and … [Continue reading]

Tyler Ennis hits buzzer-beater to beat Pitt and keep Syracuse undefeated

Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis dribbled the length of the court, then pulled up for a deep three that dropped at the buzzer to beat Pitt 58-56. The buzz-beating shot by Ennis also kept Syracuse undefeated at 24-0 … [Continue reading]

Richie Incognito breaks silence, says Jonathan Martin contemplated suicide in 2013

After we began to learn more and more about the relationship between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, it started to become clear that the two were pretty good friends. And slowly but surely, Incognito began to look less and less like the villian … [Continue reading]

Here’s Bud Selig’s statement regarding Derek Jeter retiring

In case you were thinking that Derek Jeter announcing that he plans to retire following the 2014 season isn’t a big deal, Bud Selig is here to tell you you’re wrong. All you have to just ask yourself when was the last time Bud Selig released a … [Continue reading]

Derek Jeter to retire after 2014 season

Derek Jeter announced on his Facebook page that he plans to retire after the 2014 season. Jeter posted the image below detailing his intentions and thanking fans for their support throughout his career. … [Continue reading]

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