DeMarcus Cousins throws a little shade at former teammate Isaiah Thomas

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is excited about the upcoming NBA season. Cousins plans to be a different player this season and also plans to limit the technical fouls he receives this season. Another reason that Cousins is excited is … [Read on]

Justin Blackmon has voluntarily checked into a treatment facility

It's been a long hard road for suspended Jacksonville Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon. Since 2013, the Jaguars have been waiting for Blackmon to get his act together, but he continues to let the team down. … [Read on]

Stephon Marbury is starring in a musical in China called ‘I Am Marbury’

Stephon Marbury, or “Dulang” which means “Lone Wolf" in Mandarin, is an icon in China. Yes, an icon. … [Read on]

Bernard Pollard on Titans’ play: Piss poor horrible

During the offseason, Tennessee Titans DB Bernard Pollard was very optimistic about his team going into the season. With the team sitting at 1-3 to start the season, Pollard has been trying to stay positive for his teammates. Even after the Titans … [Read on]

Rich Gannon rips Raiders, says there’s a ‘commitment to mediocrity’

Former Oakland Raiders QB Rich Gannon has had it with his former team. Since Gannon retired in 2004, the Raiders have hired and fired six coaches. … [Read on]

Mack Brown tweets that he will decide on his coaching future in December

Former Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown's name has come up for a few job openings in the past couple of weeks. Brown, who is now an analyst for ESPN, has been tight-lipped about if he would consider coaching again or if he will retire. … [Read on]

Suspended Notre Dame DB KeiVarae Russell says the school is ‘becoming ridiculous’

Notre Dame DB KeiVarae Russell is one of five players suspended by the school while an investigation of potential violations of academic honesty continues. With the season already in full swing, Russell is starting to get frustrated with the school … [Read on]

Geno Smith is getting tired of answering questions about Michael Vick

It has been a rough week for New York Jets QB Geno Smith. After having a bad game on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, Smith made an error in judgment after the game by cursing at a fan. Now there has been a lot of chatter about how the team should … [Read on]

Georgia Tech to accept Bitcoin at concession stands during games

You can’t buy much in 2014 using Bitcoin. But if you happen to be in Atlanta for any Georgia Tech home game, you’ll be able to buy as many snacks at the concession stand as you like. … [Read on]

Steve Smith says Ron Rivera ‘hid in his office’ after the Panthers released him

It’s abundantly clear Steve Smith hasn’t quite gotten over the Panthers cutting him in the offseason. It’s also abundantly clear that Smith took great pleasure in running circles around the Panthers in the Ravens' victory on Sunday. … [Read on]

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