Dwight Howard’s Florida license is suspended after he ran 10 red lights

If I told you a NBA player recently had his license suspended for running 10 red lights over a 2 ½ year span, who would you think it was? … [Continue reading]

New domestic violence allegations involving a NFL player will apparently be announced later today

Attorney Gloria Allred has announced that she will hold a press conference in Atlanta later today to announce new domestic violence allegations involving a NFL player. … [Continue reading]

Report: NFL to dial back the use of pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, adding camouflage

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch has a rather interesting column today involving the NFL and its annual use of pink during October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the NFL has allowing players to add pink to their uniforms to help increase … [Continue reading]

Florida State suspends Jameis Winston for the first half of Saturday’s game

https://twitter.com/DanWolken/status/512271446249205760 … [Continue reading]

Florida State is considering punishment for Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston finds himself in yet another controversy. On Tuesday, Deadspin captured tweet after tweet after tweet from FSU students that Winston had climbed onto a table in the Student Union and screamed obscenities. … [Continue reading]

NFL, NFLPA announce agreement on new PED policy

The NFL and NFL Players Association have announced that they have agreed on a new PED policy. Besides the details of the agreement which we’ll get to in a second, the biggest takeaway from the announcement are the reduced suspensions that a few … [Continue reading]

Vikings reverse course, suspends Adrian Peterson indefinitely

You could see this coming from a mile away. The Vikings tried everything in their power to defend their decision to reinstate Adrian Peterson, the pressure was too much. In the days after announcing that Peterson would return to the team, Radisson … [Continue reading]

Minnesota Governor: Vikings should suspend Adrian Peterson

Just in past 24 hours, the Vikings have had to deal with a new child abuse accusation involving Adrian Peterson (which they say they already knew about) and a sponsor suspending their sponsorship. … [Continue reading]

Wake Forest sent a photoshopped Kim Kardashian People Magazine cover to a recruit

So it seems that this is a thing in college football recruiting. Back in August, Tennessee sent five-star defensive tackle Shy Tuttle a photoshopped Rolling Stone cover with he and Beyonce walking hand in hand. Not to be outdone, Wake Forest sent … [Continue reading]

Rihanna rips CBS for pulling her song from Thursday Night Football

CBS made the decision to pull Rihanna’s “Run This Town” from its debut of Thursday Night Football last week. For the most part, the move didn’t really rock the boat much. There was some discussion about the move, but no one made a big deal about it. … [Continue reading]

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