Portland Trail Blazers commentators were not thrilled with Scott Brooks’ rotation during All Star Game

Portland Trail Blazers commentators Mike Rice Sr. and Antonio Harvey aren’t big fans of Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks. Both men were upset about the minutes Brooks gave Portland's two All Stars star, LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard. The … [Continue reading]

Here’s a scenario where Carmelo Anthony can join the Big 3 in Miami

Back in July we discussed the possibility of the Miami Heat having the ability to add yet another star in the summer of 2014. With the summer of 2014 quickly approaching, NBA minds are beginning to delve into scenarios where Miami Heat can go from … [Continue reading]

Is Andre Miller returning to the Denver Nuggets?

The Denver Nuggets depth at the point guard position is at an all time low. Starter Ty Lawson is out nursing a broken rib and Nate Robinson just had season ending surgery for his torn ACL. Due to those injuries, could the Nuggets bring back Andre … [Continue reading]

Canadian bobsledder Heather Moyse was forced to take Epsom salt bath in a Sochi trashcan

No bath tubs in the Mountain Village... So just chillin' in a garbage bin doing a hot Epsom salt 'bath'! #NoExcuses pic.twitter.com/HwdyaPUO7K — Heather Moyse (@HeatherMoyse) February 16, 2014 Heather Moyse wanted to an Epsom salt bath, but there … [Continue reading]

First female to play running back in a professional football game gets lit up, talks trash

The woman pictured to the left is named Jennifer Welter and she’s the first female to play running back in a professional football game. Welter, who is 5-2, 130 pounds, plays for the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League. Welter has been … [Continue reading]

44 out of 51 NFL players surveyed by ESPN say that teammates’ sexual orientation ‘doesn’t matter’

Since Michael Sam announced to the world that he’s gay, we’ve heard multiple negative reactions from multiple people. Mississippi State tight end informed us that he looked down on gay players. Terrell Thomas said that he “doesn’t believe in it” and … [Continue reading]

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t regret writing ‘The Letter’

It's been nearly four years since LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami. And it was around that same time, the world was introduced to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. As we all know, Gilbert was very upset and wrote what has now been named … [Continue reading]

Minor league hockey game features 10 fighting majors, 299 penalty minutes (VIDEO)

The Adirondack Phantoms and Portland Pirates made it to the final minute of their AHL game on Sunday until all hell broke loose. It was at that point that the benches cleared and fights broke out on almost every inch of the ice. … [Continue reading]

Two women say that they were attacked during Seattle Seahawks’ victory parade

It was supposed to be a celebration for a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter. But during the Seattle Seahawks' victory parade, everything turned into a nightmare. … [Continue reading]

Ray Rice arrested in Atlantic City after altercation with fiancé Janay Palmer

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested on Saturday after what Rice’s attorney calls “very minor physical altercation”. Security was called at 2:05 am on Saturday morning the Revel Casino in Atlantic City after video surveillance … [Continue reading]

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