Carolina Panthers accuse Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict of purposefully twisting ankles

Cincinnati Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict had a rather eventful day during the Bengals’ 37-37 tie against the Panthers on Sunday. Burfict was flagged multiple times on unnecessary roughness penalties. Then, he had to leave the game after a collision that … [Read on]

Doug Baldwin was not happy with the Seahawks’ offense against the Cowboys

Yesterday's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys was a game where one team let the rest of the NFL know that they are legit. The Cowboys dominated this game and it was not even as close as the final score showed. … [Read on]

Police searching for woman who stole a man’s prosthetic leg during Eagles-Giants game

I think it is very well known that the Philadelphia police department has their hands full during and after every Eagles home game. Sunday night was no different as the Eagles hosted the New York Giants. … [Read on]

Is this a photo of Ole Miss DE Robert Nkemdiche smoking from a bong?

Ole Miss is coming off a dominating victory over Texas A&M on Saturday night. The Rebels defense was downright nasty in this game from start to finish. DE Robert Nkemdiche, who was the #1 recruit two years ago, is one of many talented players on … [Read on]

San Diego Chargers’ Twitter account has a message for Raiders fans

The San Diego Chargers improved to 5-1 on the season after beating the Oakland Raiders. The Chargers, who might have overlooked the Raiders who just fired their coach coming into the game, got a spark of motivation from Raiders fans. … [Read on]

Taylor Lewan says he might pee on himself before his first start on Sunday

The Tennessee Titans' season has been in disarray since the start of the preseason. Now things are starting to look worse as veteran OL Michael Roos is out for the season and is scheduled to have knee surgery in the coming weeks. That opens the door … [Read on]

Report: Treon Harris’ accuser has withdrawn her complaint

After being suspended indefinitely by the University of Florida earlier this week, QB Treon Harris may be returning to the team after his accuser decided to withdraw her complaint. … [Read on]

Tennessee Titans fans have started a “Suck for Duck” campaign in hopes of drafting Marcus Mariota

After watching their team lose week after week, Tennessee Titans fans are starting to give up on the season. With QB Jake Locker being injury prone throughout his time with the Titans, the fans want to see a change a the quarterback position. But the … [Read on]

Will Muschamp throws another shot at the University of Tennessee

University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp was fired up after their 10-9 win over the Tennessee Volunteers last Saturday. A win that has saved Muschamp's job for the time being. Muschamp also made many Volunteers fans mad after the game by saying … [Read on]

Urban Meyer counts Cam Newton as being a product of his offense

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer loves talking about what he accomplished during his time with the Florida Gators. He has been on record saying he considers his 2008 National Title team at Florida one of the best teams in college football history. … [Read on]

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