David Price left today’s spring training game because he toweled off too hard

We thoroughly enjoyed writing that title. And we will also thoroughly enjoy explaining the story behind that title. So Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price had just finished his second inning of work in today’s spring training game when he was … [Read on]

Washington reportedly first team ruled out of Peyton Manning sweepstakes

Guess this is how it’s going to go for the next week.  One by one, team after team will be ruled out until Manning eventually signs. The first team to be ruled out? The Washington Redskins. … [Read on]

Report: Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta

Looks like we can add Josh Smith’s name to the list of players that may be moved before the March 15th trade deadline. According to the AJC, Smith wants out of Atlanta because he feels that the Hawks organization didn’t do enough to promote him as an … [Read on]

Jonathon Papelbon thinks Philly fans know more about baseball than Boston fans

Jonathon Papelbon has handled his departure from Boston to Philadelphia very well up until now. And we’ll even venture to say that Papelbon would have continued to handle very well if he never had to do an interview on a Philly radio station. Because … [Read on]

Suddenly, the Orlando Magic sound like they won’t trade Dwight Howard

We heard months and months of speculation about when and where the Orlando Magic might trade Dwight Howard. To many of us, it was a foregone conclusion that Howard’s days in a Magic jersey were numbered. But right around the All Star break, something … [Read on]

Report: Peyton Manning to choose team within a week, prefers AFC

Let’s make no mistake. Peyton Manning already knows where he’s playing next season. He may put on the dog and pony show over the next week, but his mind is already made up.  But for the sake of this report from ESPN, we’ll go through the motions of … [Read on]

And here’s Nick Young missing a wide open layup by throwing the ball over the backboard

What you’re about to see is Nick Young and the Washington Wizards personified.  And no matter how tempted you are to ask yourself, “how in the world this happens?” don’t. There are just no explanations when the Wizards are involved. … [Read on]

Jose Canseco won’t play in Mexican Baseball League because he’s taking testosterone

Our old reality show pitching friend Jose Canseco is back in the news. Canseco’s quest to continue to play baseball has taken him to Mexico to play for the Quintana Roo Tigers in the Mexican Baseball League. But as you can tell from Canseco’s tweet … [Read on]

Lakers players reportedly concerned with Mike Brown’s offensive philosophy

It’s no secret that Mike Brown isn’t big on offensive schemes. He’s made his mark on coaching the defensive side of the game.  And his stamp on the Lakers defensively is clearly evident, but players are starting to get concerned about their offensive … [Read on]

Carmelo Anthony admits that he’s struggling to adjust to Knicks new offense

Remember when Carmelo Anthony laughed off the notion that he would have trouble fitting in the new Knicks offense with Jeremy Lin?  Well he’s not laughing anymore. In fact, after the Knicks loss in Dallas last night where he could only muster 6 … [Read on]