Trent Dilfer says Maurice Carthon was the worst offensive coordinator he’s ever had

Former NFL QB and ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer still remembers his time with the Cleveland Browns.  Dilfer had great things to say about the organization and the fan base. But when Lexi Pluym of asked about the Browns offense, Dilfer took … [Continue reading]

Phil Mickelson once drank a $40,000 bottle of wine out of the Claret Jug

Phil Mickelson has been known to do some crazy things after a win. Well during his British open press conference today, Mickelson revealed what he did to celebrate last year's win. Mickelson told reporters that after last year's win, a friend dumped … [Continue reading]

Daunte Culpepper believes the Vikings got a gem in Teddy Bridgewater

Former Minnesota Viking Daunte Culpepper knows how it feels to be in the spotlight. The Vikings drafted Culpepper with the 11th pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. Back then, there were also questions about his skill set just as there are questions about … [Continue reading]

With Paul Pierce off to Washington, Kevin Garnett will remain with the Brooklyn Nets

Over the weekend, former Brooklyn Nets small forward Paul Pierce signed a two-year deal with the Washington Wizards. While most people applauded the move the Wizards made, others started to wonder what will it mean for Kevin Garnett. … [Continue reading]

The Cleveland Browns have a new mascot named “Swagger”

The city of Cleveland has been on edge the past few days since LeBron James decided to sign with the Cavaliers. With James and rookie QB Johnny Manziel in the same city, the citizens of Cleveland believe the future is bright. … [Continue reading]

A.J. Green says he only wants Andy Dalton throwing him the ball

It's widely known to many that Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton is looking for a new contract. There has been debate on whether Dalton is the man to lead the Bengals in the future. He has also been criticized about not winning in the playoffs in his … [Continue reading]

P.J. Hairston is now dealing with a situation regarding his agent

Charlotte Hornets rookie P.J. Hairston has been in the news for the wrong reasons. After punching a high schooler during a pickup game, Hairston apologized but still was charged. … [Continue reading]

Randy Moss and Donovan McNabb takes shots at Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most underachieving teams in the NFL for the past couple of seasons. With the Cowboys already dealing with season ending injuries, the window for the team is closing fast. All pro WR Randy Moss and QB Donovan … [Continue reading]

Report: Kevin Durant made a pitch to Carmelo Anthony on Derek Fisher’s behalf

As the free agency period has started to heat up, teams are now positioning themselves to make runs at the players of their choosing. The New York Knicks are still in the running for Carmelo Anthony and have made changes to make the team better. But … [Continue reading]

Aqib Talib says he not holding grudges against the Dallas police department

Denver Broncos DB Aqib Talib was in the news a few weeks ago after the Dallas police department made a huge mistake. The police has issued an apology but some people didn't like what happened to Talib. The Boston Herald's Adam Kurkjian spoke to Talib … [Continue reading]

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