Johnny Manziel flipping the bird at the Washington sideline did not sit well with Mike Pettine

After almost three full quarters of bad football between the Washington and Cleveland, Johnny Manziel decided to liven thing up by flipping the bird at the Washington sideline. … [Continue reading]

Report: Teammates love Kirk Cousins, hate Robert Griffin III

The narrative around how bad Robert Griffin III is doing in camp and how good Kirk Cousin is doing has continued. … [Continue reading]

Minor league manager strips down at the plate during entertaining meltdown

Joe Mikulik is the manager for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Texas Rangers organization and he has a history of melting down during games which we’ll explore later. As for now, we’re here to discuss his most recent meltdown during that happened on … [Continue reading]

Teammate ‘knows for a fact’ that Nick Marshall will win the Heisman

Auburn QB Nick Marshall is on everyone's list for the Heisman Trophy for the upcoming season. With almost every starter returning and a couple of newcomers that can make an impact as well, the Tigers offense might be even more dangerous than last … [Continue reading]

Joe Maddon isn’t happy about Rays fans cheering for Derek Jeter

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is one of the most outspoken managers in the MLB. Yesterday, the Derek Jeter farewell tour came to St. Pete as the Rays hosted the Yankees. The anticipation for Jeter led to the Rays having a sell out crowd on hand. … [Continue reading]

John Calipari says he would’ve stayed at Kentucky even if he knew LeBron James’ decision

Back in June, Kentucky head coach John Calipari flirted with the notion of leaving Kentucky to become the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And if you believe reports, Calipari ultimately decided to turn down an offer that would have made him … [Continue reading]

Reminder: Jadeveon Clowney is good at football

Despite that fact that at least one person will idiotically argue that Jadeveon Clowney is a very average football player, we all know better. He proved how good he was in high school, he proved how good he was in college, and now he’s out to prove … [Continue reading]

Report: Bill Simmons was forced out of ‘NBA Countdown’

On Tuesday, The Big Lead reported that Bill Simmons was leaving ESPN NBA Countdown to launch “The Grantland Basketball Show”. The move was later confirmed by ESPN and was immediately received as Simmons once again flexing his muscles and expanding … [Continue reading]

Derrick Rose wants to work with Kanye West on his sneakers

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is very excited about the new addition of rapper Kanye West to the Adidas brand. West left Nike and signed with Adidas back in December. West's Air Yeezys releases are on par with Air Jordan releases. Rose … [Continue reading]

The Florida Gators have literally buried their 4-8 season

Motivation is key when it comes to the 2014 version of the Florida Gators. Rival fans have given the Gators a hard time the entire offseason. So now the team has literally buried their 4-8 season by writing it on a sheet of paper and and putting … [Continue reading]

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