The State of Georgia has passed the ‘Gurley Rule’ for their student-athletes

I'm sure many of you remember when Georgia RB Todd Gurley was suspended for four games for accepting money from memorabilia dealers. Gurley's suspension sparked a lot of conversation to who should be blamed in this situation. Now it looks like the … [Read on]

Michael Irvin can’t believe the Cowboys let DeMarco Murray walk

The Dallas Cowboys organization and fans are dealing with the reality of RB DeMarco Murray playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. While it seems like the organization is ready to move on from Murray, the fans are not happy with their former RB. But the … [Read on]

Larry Bird’s historic 60-point game featured a lot of trash talk

On March 12, 1985, Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird set the franchise record for point scored in a game with 60. To this day, many believe that this was the best performance in Bird's Hall of Fame career. Bird has went on record saying that this game … [Read on]

Video: DeMarco Murray was booed last night at UFC 185 in Dallas

RB DeMarco Murray surprised everyone this week when he decided to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. Murray made it clear that he wanted to be paid a certain amount, but the Cowboys wouldn't budge on their offer. The gamble didn't pay off for the … [Read on]

Rex Ryan thinks that the Bills have gotten stronger, couldn’t say the same about the Patriots

The Buffalo Bills have been very active this off-season through free agency or through trades. After acquiring LeSean McCoy from the Eagles, the Bills have signed Matt Cassel, and Percy Harvin to improve their offense. Head coach Rex Ryan loves the … [Read on]

Rodney Stuckey believes the Pistons tried to sabotage his reputation

For the first seven seasons of his career, point guard Rodney Stuckey was with the Detroit Pistons. While many players would come and go, Stuckey was the only one who stayed loyal. Stuckey signed with the Indiana Pacers this off-season, but there … [Read on]

Brian Hoyer on whether he should still be the starter: "I do because we're here. We're 7-5,''

Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer is still trying to convince everyone that he should remain the starter. After he was pulled for Johnny Manziel during Sunday's loss against Buffalo Bills, Hoyer still believes that this is his team. Head coach Mike … [Read on]

Video: Jimbo Fisher yells at Jameis Winston "let me coach the offense"

As a fan of Florida State, watching the relationship of head coach Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston is the best thing on television. I truly believe that both men have the utmost respect for each other, but their sideline spat are just priceless. … [Read on]

Auburn fan trolls Alabama RB Derrick Henry about his teeth

Even though Alabama beat Auburn in this year;s Iron Bowl, the rivalry keeps on rolling until the next time they play. Alabama RB Derrick Henry first came on the scene after a breakout performance during the Sugar Bowl last season. His hairline was … [Read on]

Video: Grizzles Tony Allen's change of possession dance is hilarious

If you missed the Dallas Mavericks versus the Memphis Grizzles game yesterday, you should be kicking yourself. It was a back and forth affair between two teams that will make the NBA playoffs this season. When it was all said and done, the Grizzles … [Read on]