The “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts have arrived

The news of the punishment that the NFL levied on the New Orleans Saints isn’t even a day old, but “Free Sean Payton” t-shirts are already popping up on the internet for those of you who want to show your support for the recently suspended Sean … [Read on]

It didn’t take long for Mike Francesa to start arguing with Jets fans about the Tim Tebow trade

Mike Francesa of WFAN hates the Tim Tebow change. That much is painfully obvious since he opened his show today with a 7 plus minute rant about how this trade and the Jets are a colossal failure. So when he opened the phones to fans to chime in, a … [Read on]

Four games into his regime, Mike Woodson thinks the Knicks could win a NBA title this year

What a difference a week makes. This time last week, the Knicks were falling apart at the seams and a power struggle between Carmelo Anthony and Mike D’Antoni led to D’Antoni resigning. Now, Mike Woodson is at the helm, Carmelo Anthony is … [Read on]

Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets

Antonio Cromartie may not believe that the Jets need Tim Tebow, but obviously someone in the Jets organization thinks they do. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Broncos have shipped Tebow to the Jets for a fourth and sixth round pick. And … [Read on]

NFL suspends Sean Payton and Gregg Williams, fine Saints for bounty program

The NFL handed down harsh punishment to the New Orleans Saints for running a bounty program. Here are the details:   Sean Payton suspended for 1 year without pay Mickey Loomis suspended for 8 games and fined $500K Gregg Williams … [Read on]

DeMarcus Cousins coached the Kings after fouling out last night

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins fouled out of last night’s win over the Grizzles with 6:48 left in the game. But instead of taking a seat, grabbing a Gatorade, and becoming a spectator, he asked head coach Keith Smart to let him coach.  Keith Smart … [Read on]

NC State fan emails The News Observer with an amusing conspiracy theory regarding Kendall Marshall’s injury

North Carolina fans sat and grimaced when Kendall Marshall took that nasty spill during their 87-73 victory against Creighton. They then breathed a sigh of relief when Marshall was able to finish the game. Those sighs of relief then quickly turned to … [Read on]

And here’s Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder in a Waco Hooters

The Redskins brain trust is in Waco Texas today for RGIII’s pro day. But before they tend to that business, they stopped at a local Hooters for a meal and a few photo ops. A local fan got to hang out and converse with the brain trust and he … [Read on]

Antonio Cromartie says the Jets don’t need Tim Tebow

Don't look now but the New York Jets reportedly have interest in Tim Tebow. And as news began to spread of the Jets' interest, you began to hear the normal reaction to the news. Some people hate it, some people love it. And just in case you were … [Read on]

The 30 remaining Miami Dolphins fans stage protest outside the team’s facility

It’s rare that a team’s fan base gets so enraged by the team’s off-season decision that all of their fans get together and protest. But that’s exactly what’s going down today in Miami. Outside of the Dolphins’ facility, 30 people who for some odd … [Read on]