The Glory Lines: Brett Favre Is Getting A Raise, JR Smith’s New Neck Tattoo, & Tyreke Evans Can’t Play Golf

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Did Nuggets Guard JR Smith Get The Worst Tattoo Ever? (Black Sports Online)Favre in line for big pay bump (Star … [Read on]

Questionable Poses: Lebron James

Lebron James- The NBA star has been overwhelmed by the sweltering attention this summer about 'The Decision' to leave Cleveland for Miami. Still he has set aside some precious time to honor his kid-related obligations. He attended his annual King for … [Read on]

Vikings Send Three Of Brett Favre’s Buddies To Mississippi To Help Him With His Decision

The Minnesota Vikings completely sold their soul to Brett Favre the minute that Brad Childress went and picked Favre up from the airport last summer. So really, there’s nothing out of bounds for them in their pursuit of him this season. You know … [Read on]

Renee Gork Learned The Hard Way That They Don’t Play No Games In Arkansas

As far as sports goes, the state of Arkansas only has one thing to cheer for. That’s the University of Arkansas. And they’ll be d@#ned if any other school will be cheered in their state. So that means you aint wearing shirts, hats, or anything … [Read on]

Joe Maddon Would Like To Introduce You To The ‘BRayser’

Rays manager Joe Maddon isn’t what one would call a fashion icon. Still, Maddon has a way of getting people to notice his fashion choices. So the fact Maddon has put together a number of fashion themed road trips shouldn’t surprise anyone. The … [Read on]

Add Tony Parker To The Growing List Of Players Who Want To Play For The Knicks

It wasn’t long ago that everyone outside of the city of New York thought that Knicks were screwed. They were terrible on the court. They were terrible off the court. And once LeBron spurned them for Miami, it looked like things weren’t going to get … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Eli Manning Get KO’d, Jason Whitlock Leaves KC Star, Bryce Signs With The Nationals, & Carmelo Anthony And The Nuggets Headed For A Split?

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!So, Here's Tiger Woods & Ben Roethlisberger on a Dumb & Dumber T-Shirt (Waggle Room)Nats, top pick Harper agree to … [Read on]

Mike Leach Lands A TV Gig With CBS College Sports

The last time we heard from former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, he was fighting for a job that he eventually lost. Well, Leach has finally got himself a new gig as an Analyst for CSB College Sports.NEW YORK — Former Texas Tech football coach Mike … [Read on]

The Swooning Over Tim Tebow Spreads To Journalists

If for some reason it hasn't sunk in just yet, let me let you in on what the rest of the world has already realized. Everyone loves Tim Tebow.Women want to marry him. Kids want to be like him. And now, journalists just want the man's autograph.And … [Read on]

When The Savannah Sand Gnats Say They’re Gonna Set A Man On Fire, They’re Gonna Set A Man On Fire

Remember that story about the Savannah Sand Gnats' promotion that involved a man engulfed in flames rounding the base pads? Remember how you thought to yourself, "there's no way they pull this off."?Well, they did. And it was better than any of us … [Read on]