MMA Fighter gets 3-month sentence for graffiti

Semi-famous MMA fighter Jeff Monson, AKA The Snowman, has pleaded guilty to malicious mischief.The 38-year-old spray painted an anarchist symbol on the Washington state capitol, a bone head move by all accounts.After entering a plea, Monson will … [Read on]

Shaq’s off-season schedule should make Cavs nervous

NBA star center Shaquille O'neal has had an extremely eventful off season. He's been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and, to the organization's dismay, has been everywhere in the world besides at home resting and conditioning for the upcoming … [Read on]

Sam Bradford Will Autograph Just About Anything, Including Your Newborn

The legend of Sam Bradford is growing. It's nowhere near the Tebow's legend yet as people have yet to wonder about Bradford's sexual pursuits, but it's growing. And fast. So fast, that normal autograph signings, like the one pictured above, are a … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 7/29/09

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Fan selling eight Lebron James scrapbooks for 250 K (Steady Burn)"PUJOLS 5" Jerseys Are Soooo 2008 (Joe Sports … [Read on]

Things that make me ponder

Why is Brad Daugherty an analyst on NASCAR Tonight, but never appears on ESPN NBA shows? Sure, I know he's a co-owner of a racing team and he grew up loving the sport, but what about the sport that made you rich, basketball. Brad Daugherty was the … [Read on]

Here’s Two Utterly Useless NBA Trades To Hold You Over Until The MLB Trade Deadline

While MLB teams are teasing us with blockbuster deals, the NBA is picking up the slack by forcing useless trades down our throat.ESPN's Mark Stein is reporting that the Bobcats and Hornets have agreed in principle to a trade that will send Tyson … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 7/28/09

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Baseball’s Most Immovable Players (Rumors and Rants)Kevin Garnett, Peyton Manning and some dude to endorse Wheaties (The … [Read on]

No Guts Turns One Today

Can you believe we've been building this center of excellence that we call No Guts, No Glory for a year now? I can't either. But we've made it. Aren't you happy?The past year has been pretty interesting to say the least. But you won't hear any … [Read on]

There Will Be No Throwing Up Of "Da U" At An University Of Florida Run Camp

Everyone should know by now that it's all about "Da U". Why? Because players and ex-players from "Da U" have told you this over and over. Yet, you just won't listen.Case in point, an University of Florida assistant coach had the nerve to kick … [Read on]

Rickey Henderson Scored Runs, Stole Bases, And Spawned At Least One Marriage

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame on yesterday. And to no one's surprise, Rickey Henderson stole the show.But enough of the on-the-field accolades. Let's talk about one of his off-the-field accolades. Mainly, … [Read on]