University of Miami is looking for walk-ons that are at least 6’1 and 230+ pounds

Yes, you read that right. But trust us, it gets better. That headline seems to be the best thing about all of this, but amazingly it isn’t. All you have to do is carefully read the words on the flier pictured above and you’ll quickly realize … [Read on]

Andrew Bynum shot a three last night, then immediately took a seat on the bench

Mike Brown has turned into a benching machine lately. First, he benched Kobe Bryant on Sunday which he doesn't regret one bit and last night, he unleashed his benching powers on Andrew Bynum. With 10:05 left in the 3rd quarter of the Lakers’ … [Read on]

Minor league pitching coach Buddy York goes off on his players

Nowadays we see many entertaining meltdowns out of the minor leagues and this video will be no different. South Georgia Peanuts pitching coach Buddy York didn't really care for the performance that his players showed and he definitively let them here … [Read on]

According to ESPN, Alabama gave Satan a raise, 2-year extension

Just a small typo by the folks over at ESPN. It happens to the best of us. And of course, it was quickly fixed. But we're sure if you ask Auburn fans, ESPN had it right the first time. Via Tigerdroppings … [Read on]

Hank Haney: Tiger Woods owned a golf cart with spinning rims

We must admit that we were not terribly interested in reading Hank Haney’s upcoming book about his time with Tiger Woods. But the excerpt that the Business Insider has brought to light has definitely piqued our interest. The story goes that when … [Read on]

Tim Tebow said “excited” 45 times during yesterday’s press conference

The takeaway from all of this? Tim Tebow is excited. … [Read on]

The Detroit Tigers don’t want you to buy this Jim Leyland t-shirt

We can all agree that the t-shirt pictured above has to be one of the best Jim Leyland t-shirts we’ve ever seen. Not that we’ve seen many Jim Leyland t-shirts, but we’ll go out on a limb and say you just can’t get much better than that. But … [Read on]

Marshawn Lynch is going to be in a movie

Nothing about Marshawn Lynch says actor. Nothing about Marshawn Lynch says actor in a movie about a mid 20-something cowboy with a plot that deals with the mafia, corrupt bankers, and God either. But apparently that wasn’t enough to stop director … [Read on]

And here’s Bernard Tomic asking the umpire to remove his father from the stadium during his match at Sony Ericsson Open

The fella pictured above is John Tomic. John is the father/coach of Bernard Tomic. John is watching his son/pupil play his match at the Sony Ericsson Open and by the looks of things, he’s not too happy. Down on the court Bernard has figured out … [Read on]

IRS ‘poking around’ in Saints bounty program

The NFL has already dropped the hammer on the Saints and now that their bleeding carcasses have been left for dead, the vultures are beginning to circle. And yes that analogy was extreme, but that’s what we do around these parts. The circling … [Read on]