Minor League Hockey Team Set To Have A Charlie Sheen Night

Everyone knows that minor League baseball is the breeding ground for crazy promotional games. But since the baseball season isn’t underway just yet, there’s a void for Charlie Sheen promotional games. Enter the Bakersfield Condors.The Condors … [Read on]

And Here’s A Hockey Fight That Is Promptly Ended With Two Punches

In a Central Hockey League game between Allen’s Americans (yeah, I know) and Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs (hey, I didn’t name them), Judd Blackwater of the Americans decided to fight Jim Jorgensen of the Mudbugs. The process of participating in this … [Read on]

Fennville Basketball Player Wes Leonard Dies Hours After Hitting Game Winning Shot

Sad story coming from Fennville, Michigan. High school junior Wes Leonard hit a game winning layup to send his team to a perfect 20-0 season. The celebration quickly turned to sorrow when Leonard collapsed on the court and later died.A moment of … [Read on]

NFL Decides That Original Deal Offered To Relocated Super Bowl Fans Is Too Fair, So They’re No Longer Honoring It

The last thing the NFL needs while just trying to keep its doors open for another season is a possible PR nightmare. Knowing that this is the case, what do they do? Create a possible PR nightmare for themselves.The story of the group of fans that … [Read on]

Let’s Watch A Referee Hand Out 36 Red Cards In A Single Match

In this match, there are scuffles galore. In the midst of all the scuffling, the referee is obviously losing more and more control of his surroundings as each minute passes. So with no other place to turn or no other options, he begins to hand out … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Chris Bosh Cried After Last Night’s Loss, Bob Sanders Signs With The Chargers, & NCAA Investigating Oregon

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at nogutsglory@gmail.com.Baseball Fandom Flowchart? Baseball Fandom … [Read on]

Saints Sign Kicker To Big Deal

For all the guys, even NFL players, that claim kickers aren't really football players, you may want to reassess your standing.New Orleans Saints K Garrett Hartley has signed a deal worth potentially $13M over five years, according to … [Read on]

Elijah Dukes Arrested On Aggravated Assault Charges

Former MLB player Elijah Dukes, whose most notable feat is being arrested nearly two dozen times since 2001, has been arrested again. Surprise! This go round in the pokey is on charges that he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend.Dukes' latest brush … [Read on]

Byron Scott Feels The Same Way About Nicholas Cage’s New Movie As Nicholas Cage Probably Feels About A Cavs Game

Byron Scott is currently having a few issues with his current gig, so he has decided to try his hand at being a film critic. And not any old kind of film critic. Scott aspires to be the type of film critic that gives you his opinion of a film … [Read on]

Cubs Prove They’re Already In Midseason Form By Fighting In The Dugout

Teams usually take things slow in spring training. They take their time assimilating new faces and it’s not until maybe a week before Opening Day that teams really begin to get serious. The Cubs have decided to deviate from that rule. Not only are … [Read on]