Vanilla Ice performed during halftime of last night’s Minnesota Timberwolves game

Vanilla Ice was the halftime entertainment for the Timberwolves-Celtics game last night in Minnesota. Ice’s, or Vanilla’s, performance include him wearing a Kevin Love jersey, backup dancers, and a smoke machine. All this to set the ambiance while he … [Read on]

And here’s the RG3 Redskins thong

You’re welcome DC area ladies. And guys, if you wearing thongs is your thing. We aint judging. H/T BlackSportsOnline via @HogsHaven … [Read on]

Lakers are reportedly growing tired of Andrew Bynum’s antics

When Andrew Bynum took and missed that ill advised three pointer on Tuesday night, we wondered aloud if Mike Brown was losing control of the Lakers. He had just benched Kobe Bryant and now Bynum was openly brushing his authority to the side. Things … [Read on]

And here are the weird outtakes from Logan Morrison’s cover shoot with the Miami New Times

Yes, that is Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison pictured above. And yes, he’s dressed as a mermaid on the cover of the Miami New Times. And though, that picture is weird enough in itself, the outtakes are even weirder. Trust us. … [Read on]

Donovan McNabb attempted to rain on the Washington Redskins’ RGIII parade today on ESPN’s First Take

Now that Donovan McNabb is without a team to skip balls for, he’s apparently going to use his time to piss on Mike Shanahan any chance he gets. He began his “piss on Mike Shanahan” tour today on ESPN’s First Take. It was there where the ominous … [Read on]

Death Row inmate shouts “Go Cowboys” minutes before execution

We’ve been down this road before. That particular time we were introduced to convicted killer, Jeffrey Landrigan who shouted “Boomer Sooner” before being sent to meet his maker. This go round, we have a convicted child sex offender, Jesse Joe … [Read on]

And here’s Don Mattingly calling Ozzie Guillen a “little sh*t” on the Dan Patrick Show

No need to set the scene for this one. Dan Patrick sets it up nicely and Dodgers manager Don Mattingly knocks it out the park. … [Read on]

Curt Schilling: Red Sox players are already complaining about Bobby Valentine

If you had today marked on your calendar as the date that Curt Schilling would bring negative light to the Red Sox, you were right! And if you had today marked on your calendar as the date that we would hear that Red Sox players are beginning to … [Read on]

Questionable Poses: Charles Barkley in a dress for his latest Weight Watchers commercial

We know that this isn’t an image you would like to see this early in the morning, but it was either now or right after you’ve had your lunch. And we’re pretty sure you didn’t want to see Charles Barkley in a dress after you’ve just polished off that … [Read on]

And here’s LeBron James in a Rick James wig singing “Super Freak”

The Miami Heat had a charity event last night that saw Pat Riley take the stage for an unmoving rendition of “My Girl” and LeBron James take the same stage to sing “Super Freak”. And as you can tell by LeBron pictured in a wig to the left, he went … [Read on]