If you’re interested, there are ‘several thousand’ tickets left for the Mets’ Opening Day game

Here we are three days until the Mets’ Opening Day game against the Braves and the Mets have yet to sellout the game. And we’re not talking a couple hundred tickets or even a thousand tickets. Oh no. We’re talking “several thousand” … [Read on]

And here are the Seahawks’ “new age” uniforms

New age? We suppose. But you really can’t expect much when a team tries to use neon green on its jersey. It typically doesn’t work. … [Read on]

Ole Miss fans make it rain in the stands after a home run

During a weekend series against the Florida Gators, the fans at Ole Miss did something that I doubt know one has seen before. After a home run that put the Rebels Black Bears in the lead, this was the reaction of that home run from the Rebels Black … [Read on]

Ryan Leaf just can’t stay out of jail

We ignored the fact that Ryan Leaf was arrested late last week on burglary, theft, and drug charges. Mainly because it shouldn’t come as a surprised to anyone that Ryan Leaf was arrested on burglary, theft, and drug charges. But when Ryan Leaf … [Read on]

And here’s Ty Lawson breaking Ryan Anderson down to the ground

There’s just something about the Amway Center in Orlando that causes NBA players to forget how to stay off the ground when trying to guard the basketball. We’ve seen JJ Redick, not once, but twice end up on the floor while playing defense and now … [Read on]

Knicks reportedly held off announcing Jeremy Lin’s injury to sell playoff tickets

The news of Jeremy Lin’s season ending injury was definitely bad news for the Knicks and Knicks fans. Not only was it bad news on the court, but off the court as well. So when the Knicks were faced with the choice to reveal this bad news to Knicks … [Read on]

Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino hospitalized after motorcycle accident (UPDATE)

Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino was hospitalized Sunday evening after being involved in a motorcycle accident. The accident took place on Arkansas Highway 16 in Madison County near the community of Crosses. According an AP report Petrino’s … [Read on]

And here’s Sean Payton playing the bongos during a Jimmy Buffet concert

Looks like Sean Payton is handling his yearlong suspension from the NFL relatively well. So well that he took a little time from his not so busy schedule to play the bongos during Jimmy Buffet’s concert last night in New Orleans. And just for good … [Read on]

Report: Bruce Weber to be named head coach at Kansas State

The coaching situation at Kansas State took a weird turn this week when Frank Martin abruptly left the program to become South Carolina’s head basketball coach. And now, just a mere five days since that news broke, Kansas State has reportedly decided … [Read on]

Florida guard Erving Walker arrested for stealing $3 taco

Not sure how we could set this up, so we’ll just jump right in. University of Florida guard Erving Walker was arrested early yesterday morning when he allegedly stole a $3 taco from a street vendor in downtown Gainesville, then ran from police. … [Read on]