Dwight Howard reportedly waived his opt-out clause to avoid being traded to the Lakers

Another day, another story about Dwight Howard being played. Yesterday, Stan Van Gundy made him look like a fool when he informed reporters that he knew Howard wanted him fired. And today we get word of a report that the Magic basically bluffed … [Read on]

Bobby Petrino admits having ‘inappropriate relationship’ with Jessica Dorrell, placed on paid administrative leave

The story surrounding Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle accident took a turn for the worst, for Petrino anyway, when the police report from the accident revealed that Petrino was not alone during the time of the accident. He was joined by a Jessica Dorrell … [Read on]

Stan Van Gundy confirms that Dwight Howard wants him fired

Guess we no longer have to wonder if Dwight Howard really wants Stan Van Gundy fired. Because according Howard Beck of the New York Times, Van Gundy himself acknowledged to reporters that he knows that Howard has asked that he be fired. … [Read on]

Mets offering free tickets to anyone who wants to sit through today’s opener

Earlier this week told you about the “several thousand” tickets that were still remaining for Opening Day. Well, Opening Day is here and apparently there is still a sizable amount of tickets left to be sold. With the fear and embarrassment of not … [Read on]

Kentucky fan offers his wife to prized recruit

This is Noel Nerlen and he’s the consensus top recruit in the class of 2012. Nerlen is currently writing a blog for ESPN.com chronicling his senior season. On Wednesday he penned a post about his intentions to choose between UConn, Kentucky, and … [Read on]

Audio of Gregg Williams’ speech instructing Saints players to injure 49ers players has surfaced

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports dropped another bomb on the Bountygate scandal when he reported last night that Gregg Williams instructed Saints players to injure 49ers players before their NFC divisional round game. Documentary filmmaker Sean … [Read on]

Let the record show that John Calipari has stated that he is not interested in a NBA coaching job

Why coaches paint themselves in these types of corners we will never know. Granted, it may be true that John Calipara isn’t interested in coaching in the NBA at the moment. But as we all know, moments change very quickly. Calipari doesn’t need the … [Read on]

And here’s Ole Miss and Southern Miss with our first rain delay video of the season

College baseball is back in season, so our favorite part of college baseball is also back in season. And that is none other than the rain delay. Once a time to take cover from the rain or sit in your seating hoping that the game would not be … [Read on]

Report: Dwight Howard has demanded that Stan Van Gundy be fired

When Dwight Howard decided to not opt out of his contract and return to the Magic next season, you knew that there was a price to be paid by someone. We had already heard rumblings of the desperate measures the Magic were prepared to take to keep … [Read on]

Georgia signee finds Gene Chizik’s recruiting tactics hard to take seriously

Georgia signee Jordan Jenkins was one of the top defensive end prospects in the last recruiting cycle. Ultimately Jenkins would end up signing with the Georgia Bulldogs but decided to shed some light on his recruitment. When his discussion with … [Read on]