Mets Owner Fred Wilpon Takes Time Out Of His Busy Schedule To Take Shots At A Few Of His Players

Being an owner of a Major League Baseball team is no doubt a time consuming job. Being the owner of the New York Mets in the middle of a financial crisis is no doubt even more time consuming. But Fred Wilpon isn’t sweating, or sweating it. He … [Read on]

And Here’s Your Obligatory Sammy Sosa Skin Update

Getting darker again….. … [Read on]

Joakim Noah Said A Few Words To A Fan That Will Probably Get Him Fined

Those pesky television cameras catch everything. First, they caught Kobe Bryant calling NBA referee Bernie Adams a not so nice thing. And last night, they caught Joakim Noah calling a Miami fan a not so nice thing. Noah might as well write his … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Day With Roy Jones Jr. Getting Knocked Out By Denis Lebedev

Oh, you didn't know that Roy Jones Jr. was still trying to fight? Well surprise, surprise. He is. But after this weekend's bout against Russian Denis Lebedev, he just may better not be any longer. Because Jones has refused to recognize that his … [Read on]

Bart Scott Seems To Think We’ll Start Thinking The Jets Are A Joke If They Don’t Make The Super Bowl

Now I know that professional athletes are a bit disconnected from the real world, but I wasn’t aware that the problem can be this severe. So apparently, Jets linebacker who obviously can’t wait thinks that we regular folk will start to see the Jets … [Read on]

Another Disgraced Cyclist Accuses Lance Armstrong Of Steroid Use

[text-box]As reported by the AP, retired cyclist Tyler Hamilton has come forward and admitted to his use of steroids, or PED's, while an active cyclist. He's also indicated that seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong injected EPO/steroids … [Read on]

Report: “Macho Man” Randy Savage Has Died In A Car Accident

[text-box]Sad news for anyone who has ever been a wrestling fan. TMZ is reporting that “Macho Man” Randy  Savage has died in a car accident. TMZ spoke with Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the wrestling legend suffered a heart attack … [Read on]

Jerry West To Join The Golden State Warriors

[text-box]No, he won’t be the GM. No, he won’t be the assistant GM. And no, he won’t be in any position that you’ve ever heard of. The role he will assume is said to be a “non-decision-making, advisory role”. Which in layman’s terms means, he’ll … [Read on]

And Here’s The Boston Bruins’ Billboard That Caused Tampa Bay Lightning Fans To Resort To Death Threats

If attendance at Buccaneers and Rays games gave any indication, one would think that Tampa Bay fans aren't exactly serious about their professional teams. That may be true, but as the bandwagon fills up for the Lightning, it’s definitely not true at … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Day With Andre Ethier Flipping Off Photographers

Andre Ethier decided to spice up batting practice on Monday by treating photographers and a few onlookers to a “bird flipping” exhibition. Obviously, the pictures have surfaced and Ethier is now forced to explain his actions. Which he did by … [Read on]