The Glory-Lines 12/02/2008

It's another Tuesday edition of the Glory-Lines. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Fed up with Thanksgiving football nonsense (No Joshin')Vernon Wells Version ??? in 2009 (Mopup Duty)A hot or … [Continue reading]

Love Cupcakes? Go Play for Duke!

That's right parents. If your kids love cupcakes and they can flop when an opposing player comes down the lane, then there's a spot for them in the Duke University basketball program.Just check out the abundance of cupcakes that Duke has in store for … [Continue reading]

BCS rankings, what a joke

Once again the BCS ranking system has failed again. This week the Texas Longhorns were jumped in the rankings by the Oklahoma Sooners, a team they beat 45-35 earlier this season. The Sooners were crowned the Big 12 South champs by the erratic BCS … [Continue reading]

Things that make me ponder

Some things have reasonable explanations, but others can't logically be explained. Here are a few of those occurrences that recently plagued the world of sports and its glory. 1. What is wrong with Jimmy Connors? 56 year old tennis great, Jimmy … [Continue reading]

No Mercy Alert: Thanksgiving Games Full of Turkeys.

While families around the world sat down to give thanks for so many things this Thanksgiving, they were also subjected to three horrible NFL games.Titans 47 Lions 10 What did you expect? It's the Lions. I'm just upset that my Thanksgiving festivities … [Continue reading]

The Glory-Lines 11/27/2008

It's a Thanksgiving edition of the Glory-Lines! Here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Giving Thanks: Chicago Style (Zoner Sports)A Thanksgiving feast of sports blogs (Cuzoogle)Give Thanks, Get in the Booth (Hugging … [Continue reading]

So Dodger fans, how bad do you really want Manny?

Looks like Dodger fans have quite the dilemma on their hands. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that owners, Frank and Jamie McCourt are turning to Dodger fans on whether they want the Dodgers to sign a top free agent or build youth baseball … [Continue reading]

Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #4

With the recent firings of 2 NBA head coaches, ( Washington Wizards-Eddie Jordan,Oklahoma City Thunder-P.J. Carlisemo) the season is now in full swing.No doubt there will be more firings to come before the season ends. All coaches in the NBA, with … [Continue reading]

The Glory-Lines 11/25/2008

So many good stories around the 'net, so let's do a Tuesday edition of The Glory-Lines! Here's some stories that we like and you SHOULD too!Video: Lebron James Dunks on Entire Atlanta Hawks Team (The Hoop Doctors)Great Mustaches of the NBA … [Continue reading]

The NBA’s "Ugliest Game" Team

Ever found yourself watching a NBA game and thinking that a particular player has a very ugly game? Ever wondered if anyone else notices how ugly his game is? Well, we're here to let you know that we've noticed and it's only right that we pay homage … [Continue reading]

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