Apparently, It’s Ok To Sign A 17 Year Deal In The NHL

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not very up on the hockey scene. But I gotta say, I just can’t believe that signing a player to a 17 year contract is the norm in the NHL. If it is, well I’m just showing you just how much I don’t follow the NHL. And if … [Read on]

Wednesdays Get Rough For Benny The Bull

And when I say rough, I literally mean rough. Because on Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls mascot, Benny the Bull was roughed up while a group of children looked in horror (or enjoyment). The Chicago Sun-Times gives us all of the details.The team's … [Read on]

We’ve Finally Found What Can Shut Floyd Mayweather Up

It’s taken a minute, but we’ve finally found it. And having finally found what can actually shut “Money” Mayweather up, it makes me think to myself, “It’s about time”.You see, Floyd Mayweather isn’t talking these days when the subject of fighting … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Week With A Fan Being Tasered At A Minor League Game

Welcome to your Monday, folks. For those of you who are having trouble getting your week started, we bring you video of a tasering at a Dayton Cubs game that comes equipped with a cop yelling “Tase him!” over and over.You’re welcome.Via Busted … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Louis Oosthuizen Dominates The British Open, NBA Legends Unleash On LeBron, And Tiger Dropping F Bombs

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Well, at least John Daly made the British Open interesting (Devil Ball Golf)NBA summer league: Winners & losers … [Read on]

Trustee Seeks $2M From Vick

Eagles QB Michael Vick has been back on the wrong side of the media's coverage since the shooting at his 30th birthday bash last month.Adding to his array of problems, his trustee is seeking $2M worth of cash and gifts that was passed around to … [Read on]

Cavs Fans Can Now Drown Their LeBron James Sorrows With A Glass Of ‘Quitness’ Ale

It’s been a little over a week ago that LeBron James stepped on the hearts of Cavs fans on national television. And up until today, those fans have been doing everything they can to cope. But now that the jerseys have been burned, Dan Gilbert has … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Erin Andrews Suing Stalker, Hotels Over Video, Penny Hardaway Wants To Play For The Heat, & Lane Kiffin Losing Favor At USC?

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Official cupcakes for NHL teams? Seriously, New York Islanders? (Puck Daddy)Build A Beer Snake At A Winnipeg Blue Bombers … [Read on]

So Now We Have Headbutting At The Tour de France

I know you’re trying your best to ignore the Tour de France, but the Tour de France just aint having it. Every time you think you can turn away from it, something else happens to reel you back in. First, it was the stray dog on the course. Then, … [Read on]

Delonte West Escapes Jail Time In Weapons Case

We all know the power of a good lawyer. But man, Delonte West doesn’t just have a good lawyer, he has an “OJ Simpson Dream Team” lawyer. Don’t think so? Let’s revisit the scene of West’s arrest.He had two handguns and a shotgun in his possession … [Read on]