10 Reasons To Be A NFL Referee

With the end of the NFL season upon us, it has become apparent that this has been the year of the referee. It seemed that not a week passed without at least one referee story. So, with all the new found glory that the referees have enjoyed during the … [Continue reading]

Rough Weekend For Our Blog Bowl Picks

Well, the first weekend of bowl games didn't exactly go the way that we wanted them to go. We ended the weekend at 2-3 and tied for 9th in the competition. Luckily, we have a long way to go and we are sure things will get turned around. Stay on the … [Continue reading]

Broncos are choking

The sputtering (8-7) Denver Broncos failed yet again to clinch the AFC West title on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at Invesco Field in Denver.The Broncos have lost 2 games in a row, while their division rivals San Diego Chargers(7-8) on a 3-game … [Continue reading]

Tiki Barber: Out Of The Studio And Can’t Get A Interview

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Tiki Barber is no longer apart of the "Football Night In America" studio team and now is essentially a "beat reporter" for the New York Giants. Well according to The New York Daily News, Tiki isn't having much luck … [Continue reading]

Is this Holyfield’s last stand?

The December 20th fight in Zurich against the 7'0 Russian WBA champ Nikolai Valuev, could very well be Evander Holyfield's last.Holyfield at age 46, is 0-3-1 in his last 4 bouts and has clearly lost his power and ring dominance with age.Valuev, 49-1, … [Continue reading]

Saturday’s Bowl Games, Who We Got

Saturday marks the beginning of the bowl season and our journey to Blog Bowl supremacy. The slate of games for Saturday isn't very enticing, but it's still college football so we won't complain. Now on to the picks!Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl: BYU (10-2) … [Continue reading]

$243.5 Million Can Buy You Two Aces, But Not A Championship

Like every offseason, the New York Yankees once again have went on their annual free agent shopping spree where they pay top dollar for the year's "can't miss" free agents. They were able to lure both AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia to the Bronx for a … [Continue reading]

Antoine Walker’s: stat line of the week # 7

With 7 weeks in the bag, the NBA season is going according to plan. The good teams are really good and the bad teams are awful.Also, I can't remember the last time I saw 6 head coaches get axed before Christmas. You may say that some were fired … [Continue reading]

No Guts Is Competing in Gunaxin’s Blog Bowl

That's right, Gunaxin is hosting a Bowl Pickem' competition among sports blogs and we're ready to take home the $100 prize. Each blog will be allowed 3 entries on ESPN's Bowl Mania, so that's where we look to you for help.We will post a preview of … [Continue reading]

The Titans Get Pimped, Haynesworth Bout To Collect That Cash

I haven't seen what a NFL contract looks like, but I'm sure it's pretty extensive and confusing. I'm also sure that these contracts are structured in such a way that ultimately, the player is getting screwed. (If you can actually be screwed by a … [Continue reading]

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