Adrian Peterson Pulled Over For Driving 109 MPH And Only Gets A Ticket

In most places in the US, driving your car 109 mph will lead to you being placed in the back of a police cruiser. But that's most places. Suburban Minneapolis apparently doesn't fall under the "most places" umbrella.Minnesota Vikings running back … [Read on]

Your College Football Previewrooski: Championship Week

Took the week off for Thanksgiving but now it's back to business. Championship week is upon us and some teams are playing for BCS berths, while others are playing for a National Title game berth. Record: 205-39Game Of The Week#1 Florida Gators VS #2 … [Read on]

Mississippi State Cowbells Are No Longer Just An Annoyance, Now They’re Weapons

Here we have a story that surely won't surprise you. Frankly, you almost have to ask yourself what took so long for a story like this to trickle out of Starkville.If you're a college football fan, I'm sure you've heard the annoyance that … [Read on]

Tiger’s Fatal Flaw

A man once viewed as near 'perfect' by the masses has recently revealed that he to is subject to make humanly mistakes just like the rest of us.The 33-year-old Tiger Woods has had a horrific week, one that he won't soon forget. Not only was he … [Read on]

Mike Holmgren To Return To The Seahawks?

The door is open for his return to Seattle, in the GM capacity at least, as current GM Tim Ruskell is set to resign today.The Seattle Seahawks will announce general manager Tim Ruskell's resignation at a news conference Thursday.The team … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 12/3/09

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!The billboard is UP! We need your help to pay for it! (Message To Al)SN Conversation with Ron Artest: 'I used to drink … [Read on]

Marion Jones Wants To Play in the WNBA

Marion Jones wants to again make a living by being a professional athlete.The former world class sprinter wants to play basketball in Europe and possibly in the WNBA.Jones is no stranger to basketball; she received a full scholarship to play the … [Read on]

Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Week 12 proved to me that there are two teams really worth mentioning in the NFC, and that the AFC is still wide open no matter which way you look at it. The Saints and the Vikings should have it all locked up pertaining to the two 1st round byes and … [Read on]

Paul Johnson: Punch Those Pesky UGA Fans In The Face

On the heels of Georgia Tech's disappointing loss to in-state rival Georgia, Tech fans have been getting an earful from Georgia fans. And rightfully so. Georgia has undoubtedly had a disappointing season. But when the Bulldogs beat … [Read on]

Allen Iverson Rejoins The Sixers

The once retired, now not retired Allen Iverson has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers. Guess those personal reasons he left the Grizzles for have all but cleared up.Allen Iverson informed the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday morning that he will accept … [Read on]