Boston College, The Curse Of The Jags Is Now Upon You

This isn't the look of a man who just got fired from his job as the Boston College head football coach . Most people in his situation would have a face full of pain and despair. Well, not Jeff Jagodzinski. This is a man who know his worth. He … [Continue reading]

Things that make me ponder

Why is Rod Marinelli still being offered coaching jobs? After going 0-16, there should be a recovery period. The Bears, Seahawks and especially the Lions would be better served by going with an unknown rather than putting Marinelli on the staff at … [Continue reading]

Blog Bowl Didn’t Go As Planned

With just the National Championship game left, the dream of pocketing the $100 prize has died as we're now a disappointing 13-19 in Gunaxin's College Bowl Mania. Despite our struggles, we've still be able to contribute to a solid collection of … [Continue reading]

The NFL Teaches Us All How To Recycle

The Green Movement has apparently made it's way to the NFL. And now, the NFL is beginning to take this initiative way too far. How far you ask? Well, recently NFL teams have turned to recycling it's coaches instead of discarding old ones for new … [Continue reading]

The Glory-Lines 1/6/2009

It's a Tuesday edition of the Glory-Lines. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Doc Dime’s Top 10 MJ Covers…..Ever (The Hoop Doctors)Buckeyes Feeling BCS Blues Again (MoonDog Sports)Jay … [Continue reading]

Tomlinson is a playoff liability

The San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson is once again injured and unable to perform during the team's post season play.Last season it was a knee injury that kept him sidelined, this season its a groin injury. In the team's 23-17 victory over the … [Continue reading]

The BCS Games Have Sucked, Yet You Expect Us To Buy The Replays From ITunes?

During last night's Fiesta Bowl (the best BCS bowl thus far, go figure), Fox showed no "shame in their game" by making sure that every viewer knew that they can buy the replays of every BCS game from iTunes. (We were reminded at least 3 times, might … [Continue reading]

Antoine Walker arrested for DUI

On Monday morning around 6 a.m. in Miami, former NBA forward Antoine Walker was arrested on suspicion of DUI. In typical arrested athlete fashion, Walker refused to take the breath test, a gesture that has become the universal admission of … [Continue reading]

Tavaris Jackson’s Painful Pick 6!

It's bad enough when you throw a pick 6, but when you literally get punished for it, that makes for a bad day. Talk about adding insult to injury. Oh and Tavaris, welcome to being a full time back up next year. You've earned it!Fan of No Guts, No … [Continue reading]

The Walk On Handbook For Conference Play

Attention all walk on players,The first couple months of the season has been a blast for most of you. You've got to suit up with the team, play in some games, and some of you have even scored some points. But as we move into conference play, your … [Continue reading]

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