Make No Mistake About It, Jeff Wilpon Believes In Throwing At Players

Yes, I’m aware that Jeff Wilpon is not the manager of the New York Mets. And yes, I’m aware that Jeff Wilpon is not a player on the New York Mets’ roster. But Jeff Wilpon himself is seemingly not aware of these two facts. In reality, Jeff Wilpon … [Read on]

Report: Terrell Owens Had Surgey To Repair Torn ACL

[text-box]Well, it looks like Terrell Owens’ career is in jeopardy after 16 seasons in the NFL. Chris Mortensen reports that Owens tore his ACL but no one knows exactly how it happened. One source says he hurt it during taping of his VH1 reality … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Day With A College Baseball Player Managing To Break An Aluminum Bat

What you’re about to witness is something that I’m betting you have never witnessed before. And if you have, well good for you. For the rest of us, we’ll sit back and wonder how in the h*ll did University of Florida catcher Mike Zunino’s aluminum … [Read on]

Here’s A Soccer Celebration That Involves Scuba Diving

It’s been awhile since we indulged ourselves with a good goal celebration. So what better way to get back to indulging than watching Seattle Sounders’ Roger Levesque steal the ball from the goalie, score, then simulate scuba diving. … [Read on]

Of Course Ron Artest Is Changing His Name To Metta World Peace

[text-box] "Yes, Ron is going the way of Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor and Chad Johnson. Ron's filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to -- World Peace". "FYI, metta means loving, kindness, happiness and all that … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Day With The Best Motorcycle Crash Video You’ll See All Day

Two motorcycles colliding usually isn’t a good thing. But this particular crash is an exception. Not because of the crash itself, but because of the aftermath. And as you can tell from the photo above, the aftermath was gloriously entertaining. … [Read on]

Serena And Venus Williams Have Yet To Play On Centre Court At Wimbledon And Serena Wants To Know Why

In the first round, Serena Williams lured you in with her emotional reaction to her first victory on the court since being out with injuries. But now that she’s made it through the second round at Wimbledon, Serena is done with that emotional stuff. … [Read on]

Dallas Man Explains Why He Got Dirk Nowitzki’s Face Tattooed On His Butt

[text-box]Once they got to the Finals, especially against the Miami Heat, I may have got a little too excited and posted on Facebook that I would get Dirk's face tatted on my ass if they won it all. I got quite a few comments back from friends, so I … [Read on]

Mike Francesca Calls Tiki Barber A Failure, Michael Strahan Calls Mike Francesca An Idiot

This all began with two people who love to hear themselves talk try to have a semi-serious conversation. And it ended with a person who also loves to hear himself talk giving his two cents about the semi-serious conversation. So now that you have … [Read on]

And Here’s A Lesson For Foreigners From Ozzie Guillen

[text-box]Ladies and Gentlemen: Ozzie Guillen on the spat between Jake Peavy and A.J. Pierzynski: "I always say when two white guys fight, the foreigners stay away from that," said Guillen, a native of Venezuela. "I just got my (citizenship) two … [Read on]