Baseball Is Back!

Opening Day is less that twenty hours away. The boys of summer are heading back to the field. MLB's Opening Day has a sort of mystique to it. It has some type of euphoric feeling attached that can be felt by sports addicts everywhere. I've had enough … [Read on]

Of Course You Can Get Free Timberwolves Tickets When You Buy Cans Of Corn

And we’re supposed to take the Timberwolves seriously? Oh yeah, we’re not.Via Canishoopus … [Read on]

We Don’t Know If Randy Edsall Can Turn Maryland Into A Winner, But He Will Turn Them Into A Well Groomed Group Of Guys

Spring practice is underway at universities around the nation so now is a good time to check in Maryland’s new head coach Randy Edsall. If you recall, Edsall took the Maryland job days before his UConn team was to get embarrassed in the Orange Bowl. … [Read on]

Let’s Listen To Austin Carr Call Chris Bosh A “RuPaul Lookalike”

If you hadn’t heard, the Cavaliers beat the Heat last night. Which obviously makes the Cavaliers’ season a success. And in middle of the Cavaliers making their season a success, Cavs announcer Austin Carr took a moment from actually analyzing the … [Read on]

Mike Krzyzewski Finally Got Around To Responding To Jalen Rose And The ‘Fab 5’ Documentary

While Grant Hill was busy missing the point and the internet was on fire after hearing Jimmy King call Christian Laettner a b*#@h, Duke and Mike Krzyzewski were mum. Probably because they were still busy with games that were being played in 2011 and … [Read on]

Jalen Rose Arrested For DUI

Here’s Jalen Rose in all his DUI mug shot glory to start the day. A mug shot that was taken on March 11, but was swept under the rug until today. A day that we will involve a least one more post that involves him. Talk about perfect timing.Now … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Fiesta Bowl CEO Fired Over Scandal, LeBron Skips Introductions In Cleveland, & PAC-12 May Play Games On Sunday

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Dick Vitale College Banners BABY! … [Read on]

This Red Sox Fan Is Also A Fan Of Robbing Banks

Today is quickly starting to play out like your local evening news. But we won’t apologize. I mean, we could be discussing that Brett Favre to the Panthers rumor.Yeah, you don’t want that. So let’s dig into the story of a serial bank robber who is … [Read on]

Sacramento Man Unloads A Car He Stole, Can’t Unload The Kings Tickets Inside

If there was ever a story that drove the point home that Sacramento will more than likely lose the Kings, this is it. Twenty seven year-old David Morris stole a car that contained 60 Kings tickets. When Sacramento police found the car, there were … [Read on]

The University Of Tennessee Has Wiped Away Any Evidence Of A Bruce Pearl Era

Most Vols fans will admit that Bruce Pearl was one of the best coaches they have had in a long time. But with the recent NCAA findings which led to Pearl being fired, Tennessee is going to great lengths to prove to the NCAA that they want nothing … [Read on]