Joe Maddon Would Like To Introduce You To The ‘BRayser’

Rays manager Joe Maddon isn’t what one would call a fashion icon. Still, Maddon has a way of getting people to notice his fashion choices. So the fact Maddon has put together a number of fashion themed road trips shouldn’t surprise anyone. The … [Read on]

Add Tony Parker To The Growing List Of Players Who Want To Play For The Knicks

It wasn’t long ago that everyone outside of the city of New York thought that Knicks were screwed. They were terrible on the court. They were terrible off the court. And once LeBron spurned them for Miami, it looked like things weren’t going to get … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Eli Manning Get KO’d, Jason Whitlock Leaves KC Star, Bryce Signs With The Nationals, & Carmelo Anthony And The Nuggets Headed For A Split?

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!So, Here's Tiger Woods & Ben Roethlisberger on a Dumb & Dumber T-Shirt (Waggle Room)Nats, top pick Harper agree to … [Read on]

Mike Leach Lands A TV Gig With CBS College Sports

The last time we heard from former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, he was fighting for a job that he eventually lost. Well, Leach has finally got himself a new gig as an Analyst for CSB College Sports.NEW YORK — Former Texas Tech football coach Mike … [Read on]

The Swooning Over Tim Tebow Spreads To Journalists

If for some reason it hasn't sunk in just yet, let me let you in on what the rest of the world has already realized. Everyone loves Tim Tebow.Women want to marry him. Kids want to be like him. And now, journalists just want the man's autograph.And … [Read on]

When The Savannah Sand Gnats Say They’re Gonna Set A Man On Fire, They’re Gonna Set A Man On Fire

Remember that story about the Savannah Sand Gnats' promotion that involved a man engulfed in flames rounding the base pads? Remember how you thought to yourself, "there's no way they pull this off."?Well, they did. And it was better than any of us … [Read on]

Don’t Celebrate Too Soon Knicks Fans, The Isiah Thomas Nightmare Could Still Happen

There was a loud sigh of relief that came from the entire city of New York last week when the deal to bring Isiah Thomas back to the New York Knicks was squashed. But just like those pesky weeds on your lawn, stories about Isiah Thomas rejoining the … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Week With A Washington Nationals Security Officer Struggling To Nab Protesters

Unless Steven Strasburg is pitching, there isn't much for folks in DC attending a Nationals game to get excited about. So when a security guard decided to teach fans at Nationals Park how not to apprehend protesters that have descended on the field, … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Dustin Johnson’s Bunker DQ, Lance Stevenson Arrested, & Kevin Slowey Pulled With No-Hitter

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Dustin Johnson's rules violation costs him a shot at the PGA (Devil Ball)Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem arrested on pot charge … [Read on]

Here’s A Soccer Celebration That Involves Giving Birth

Soccer celebrations are becoming more and more creative by the video. So much so that creativity is heading the way of downright creepiness. Take this rather creative, yet creepy celebration. A young lad scores a goal, puts the ball under his … [Read on]