It’s the return of the gangsta’ (or No Guts, No Glory is back!)

Back in mid September, things went quiet around these parts without any explanation. So it's now time to explain why things went quiet as well as why things won't be quiet any longer. First, let's talk about what happened in September. … [Read on]

Tom Brady is a Fantasy Football Dream……. or Nightmare!

Tom Brady threw for 517 yards and 4 TD's last night. Goods news for fantasy owners that have him on their rosters, but what about the rest of us. He just happened to be my fantasy league opponent's starting QB, and yes, he singlehandedly beat my … [Read on]

Manny is being Manny….. in Jail!

Manny Ramirez post-MLB life has already taken a turn for the worst. The former MLB slugger was arrested just hours ago in Weston, FL. According to FOX Sports and, Ramirez was arrested for an alleged altercation with his wife Juliana; he is … [Read on]

Terrell Owens gives career advice to DeSean Jackson

 While giving a radio interview with Philadelphia's "97.5 The Fanatic," free agent wideout Terrell Owens voiced his opinion about the DeSean Jackson contract situation. Jackson, a Pro Bowl receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, is in the last year … [Read on]

UFC, FOX inks major Network deal

[text-box] Fox Sports and Zuffa LLC, UFC's parent company, has signed a 7-year deal, reportedly, worth nearly $700M. UFC currently shows fights and other related programs on Spike TV. Starting January 2012, the UFC will air four live fights … [Read on]

Roger Goodell hits Suh with $20K preseason fine

[text-box] NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is already in midseason form when it comes to handing out fines. The Lions second year defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was fined for a 'illegal' hit on Bengals Rookie QB Andy Dalton during Friday's 34-3 Lions … [Read on]

Let’s Watch Oregon DB Cliff Harris’ Speeding Video

A lot was made of this situation when it first happened but it's going to blown up even more. As you will see in the video, the state tropper clearly didn't want to arrest Harris especially when he found out that QB Darron Thomas was in the car as … [Read on]

Former NBA Lottery pick Arrested at Airport for carrying Loaded Gun

Darius Miles was once a young, promising NBA talent but now has found himself in trouble with the law. The 2000 NBA Draft lottery pick, was arrested on Wednesday after attempting to carry a loaded firearm through airport security. The incident … [Read on]

Jalen Rose Gets Speeding Ticket Hours After Being Sentenced For DUI

[text-box] According to reports, ESPN basketball analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose was sentenced yesterday to 20 days in jail for driving drunk and crashing his SVU back in March. Just hours after receiving his sentence Rose was ticketed … [Read on]

Boise State Is Banned From Wearing All Blue Uniforms During Conference Play

During the Mountain West media days, Boise State got welcomed into their new conference by not being able to wear their all blue uniform during conference games this season. Head coach Chris Peterson wasn't thrilled about the news. … [Read on]