Celtics fans dump beer on LeBron James, hit Dwyane Wade in the head with basketball

In what could be the final game played at the Boston Garden this season, a rather tame Boston crowd found a way to leave their mark. They were unable to really get involved from a noise perspective because the Heat led most of the way, but they got … [Read on]

Celtics dry erase board after Game 6 instructed players to ‘Pack For A Week’

The Miami Heat absolutely dominated the Boston Celtics last night in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals winning 98-79. Nevertheless, the Celtics we greeted to this message on a dry erase board when the returned to the locker room. The Celtics … [Read on]

After attempting to trade him, Patriots reportedly waive Chad Ochocinco

You’d had to be blind not to have seen this coming. Never mind that Ochocinco’s contribution to the Patriots last season was next to none, but during the offseason New England signed free agent receivers Brandon Lloyd, Donte Stallworth, Anthony … [Read on]

Charlie Sheen didn’t take being denied re-entry to Staples Center too well

Let us set the scene. Charlie Sheen is at the Staples Center to take in the Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and Devils. At some point, Sheen decided that he wanted to step outside to smoke a cigarette. When he finished, he … [Read on]

Just in case you’re wondering, the Celtics haven’t practiced since April

It goes without saying that a veteran squad like the Boston Celtics don’t exactly need to practice sets and situations on a regular basis. The core has pretty much seen it all but. Throw in injuries to Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Avery Bradley and … [Read on]

High-tech sonic cannons, testicle-biting dogs are among the security measures in Poland for Euro 2012

Euro 2012 begins on Friday. And for those that have made the trip to Krakow, Poland strictly to enjoy the matches, they’ll surely have a wonderful time doing just that. But for those that have made the trip just to cause ruckus in and outside the … [Read on]

Metta World Peace did the weather on CTVBC in Vancouver yesterday

Here we have Metta World Peace playing weather man on CTVBC in Vancouver. During his one minute of air time, World Peace is amazed that it’s raining everywhere, confused that it’s cold in Victoria since she sounds like she’s hot, discusses his love … [Read on]

The “Good Job, Good Effort” young Heat fan has been found

Still hasn’t been 24 hours since the words, “Good Job, Good Effort” were said over and over by a young Miami Heat fan, but we've already seen a “Good Effort” t-shirt show up for sale. And now, the young fan that started it all has been tracked down … [Read on]

A giant Stanley Cup has been placed next to the Hollywood sign

Here’s what we know at the moment about this. The video below surfaced on YouTube on June 1st. Meaning that this giant Stanley Cup has been there since last Friday at least. And since the LA Kings Twitter account is searching for the person … [Read on]

Attendance is down at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are blaming StubHub

The New York Yankees are 30-24 and currently sit in 3rd place in the AL East, a half game out of first place. While only being a half game out of first place sounds good, the Yankees have struggled this season. And when a team struggles it’s … [Read on]