The Glory Lines 4/20/10

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Jeff Gordon, in Stained Glass Form (First Cuts)Colts DT Eric Foster hit with sex-assault civil suit (Chicago Sun-Times)Why … [Read on]

You Won’t Celebrate Your Goal By Climbing Into The Stands On This Guy’s Watch

I’ve never scored a goal in a real deal soccer match. But I assume that the feeling must be exhilarating. And since I’ve never scored a goal, I’ve never had the chance to celebrate said goal. I assume that experience isn’t too bad either, unless … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 4/19/10

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Boston Fan Finally Picks A Winner (Deadspin)Sources: Ga. Tech, USC players failed NFL Combine drug test (Fox … [Read on]

Behold The Spectacle Of Angry Caps Fan

This is a video of Angry Caps Fan in the wild. And he is indeed angry. Try not to look directly at his lips because your mother wouldn’t want you to read the lips of Angry Caps Fan.Have some breaking news or an interesting story we should see? Hit … [Read on]

Things Just Keep Getting Worse And Worse For Ben Roethlisberger

Usually when one dodges having charges brought against them, things begin to look up. Not so much for Ben Roethlisberger. First, it was the details of what exactly happened in Milledgeville that night. Now comes word that Ben had a run-in with … [Read on]

The Jared Allen iPhone App Will Equip You For Life

If you ever wanted to learn how to be more like Jared Allen, today is your lucky day. Because Jared was nice enough to create an iPhone App that will do just that. And who doesn’t want to be more like Jared Allen. Just feast your eyes on the things … [Read on]

Here’s An Australian Football League Headshot To Start Your Day

Let me introduce you to Jordan Lewis. He’s an Australian Football League player. And he’s about to be knocked out cold. And after he’s knocked out cold, play will continue around him like he’s not even there. But have no fear, he will return to … [Read on]

Kevin Durant Feels Disrespected By Phil Jackson’s Comments

As we all know, the NBA playoffs start Saturday, but the trash talking has already started. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder is getting a lot of extra attention due to Phil Jackson's comments about Kevin Durant's star treatment. … [Read on]

Tiger Woods To Play Quail Hollow Next

The “Tiger Woods Is Returning To Golf” media circus will make its next stop in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Quail Hollow Championship later this month. Mark your calendars.Tiger Woods officially committed Thursday to play in the Quail Hollow … [Read on]

Nets Players Celebrate The Ending Of Their Season With Tequila Shots And Blondes

The NBA season has come to an end. A number of teams have been looking forward to this day because now their real season begins. The New Jersey Nets however, have been looking forward to this day because it would finally end the pain and agony of a … [Read on]