Wes Welker and some friends reportedly crashed a wine festival in Aspen, got in fight with security

According to the New York Post, Patriots receiver Wes Welker and a few of his buddies were in Aspen, Colorado for Welker’s “unofficial” bachelor party. At some point, Welker and the gang decided that they would bum rush their way into the Aspen Food … [Read on]

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola actually says trial is like soap opera ‘All My Children’

ABC27 reporter Dave Marcheskie was merely doing his job, trying to getting a scoop from Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola. But in the process of asking the question above, he probably received the most embarrassing sound bite since this whole saga … [Read on]

Charlotte Bobcats hire Mike Dunlap as head coach

We thought we were pretty sure we knew the candidates for the Bobcats head coaching job: Jerry Sloan, Brian Shaw, Quinn Snyder. But boy were we wrong. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Charlotte Observer reports someone by the name of Mike Dunlap has … [Read on]

Kings fan takes out classified ad to mock New Jersey Devils

This “announcement” was placed in today’s Star-Ledger. And the picture, it comes courtesy of Getty’s Mark Fischel. So if you’re keeping score at home let’s recap. Today alone we’ve had word that the NHL is planning to take over the Devils, though … [Read on]

Why yes, this is indeed a roadkill UGA wedding cake

We’re not completely sure who is responsible for this. But word on the street is that this is the work of a Georgia Tech fan. And sense the internet is already buzzing about how this cake goes a little too far, we’ll just say this is rather … [Read on]

Former Penn State assistant Dick Anderson testifies that other coaches were also present in showers with Sandusky, young boys

After the prosecution rested earlier Monday morning, the defense team for Jerry Sandusky took their turn. The first witness they called was former Penn State assistant coach Dick Anderson. Anderson testified about the busy schedule that Penn State … [Read on]

NHL reportedly planning to take control of the New Jersey Devils (UPDATE)

Despite a run to the Stanley Cup Finals, the New Jersey Devils are losing money. Which probably explains their change in stance on opposing teams buying tickets for games in the Prudential Center earlier this season. Owner Jeff Vanderbeek is … [Read on]

MMA referee knocks out corner man after disagreement over the fight’s ending

Here we have a torn MMA referee. He attempts to let the fight go as long as he can, but one fighter continues to beat down the other fighter. So after 30 seconds of pummeling, the referee decides he’s had enough and stops the fight. The corner man … [Read on]

Mike Orstein and Gregg Williams reportedly told Roger Goodell that bounty emails were jokes, Goodell was not convinced

You remember Mike Orstein, don’t you? He is the two time felon who sent those emails pledging money for the Saints bounty pool. One of which was a pledge for a “knockout blow” to Aaron Rodgers. From the start Orstein has maintained that the emails … [Read on]

Lakers are reportedly committed to trading Pau Gasol

This shouldn’t surprise you seeing as though the Lakers have already traded Pau Gasol once on to have the trade rescinded by David Stern. But now it seems that the Lakers are getting desperate to trade Gasol. So desperate that they are reportedly … [Read on]