NBA Free Agency Has Officially Begun

The NBA's GMs can relax, not because their work is done, but because they don't have to worry about being fired or fined for illegal contact with sought after players that are under contract.July 1, 2010 is finally here. Major networks, bloggers and … [Read on]

Today’s LeBron James Free Agency Song Comes From Fox Sports’ Rapping, Auto-Tuning Asian Guy

We’ve definitely been down this road before, but not quite like this. Before, we had we had some of New York’s finest composing a tune to try to persuade LeBron James to come play for their Knicks.Today, we have Fox Sports’ finest composing a tune … [Read on]

Nigerian President Takes His World Cup Soccer (And His Hats) Seriously

Ok, the hat thing may be bit of an embellishment. But I’ve got to tell you that my search for pictures of Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan didn’t turn up one picture without a hat perched up on his head. But that’s not what we’re here to … [Read on]

Isiah Thomas Has Just Guaranteed That The Knicks Won’t Get LeBron James

The New York Knicks had enough issues to deal with in their pursuit of LeBron James. You know those, horrible roster and horrible team issues? Yeah those issues. But lo and behold, the one man whose name makes every New Yorker’s skin crawl had to … [Read on]

Randall Cunningham’s Two-Year-Old Son Drowns In A Hot Tub

Very sad news as former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Randall Cunningham’s son was found dead in a hot tub yesterday afternoon.Christian Cunningham, who would have been 3 in December, died after being found floating in the backyard hot tub, … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 6/30/10

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!LaDainian Tomlinson Sports “Jets 2010″ Tattoo On His Leg..Has He Gone Crazy? (Black Sports Online)DEA investigating … [Read on]

Brian Shaw close to reaching deal with Cavs

According to an unidentified source, the Cleveland Cavaliers are close to finalizing a coaching contract with Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw.The 43-year-old Shaw has been an assistant coach with the Lakers for the last five seasons; last week he … [Read on]

The First Free Agent To Re-sign Is Erin Andrews

[Read on]

Cedric Benson’s Arrest Officially Makes Him A Cincinnati Bengal

Yes, I’m aware that Cedric Benson was on the Bengals’ roster last season. But everyone knows that in order to be an “official” Cincinnati Bengal, one must be arrested while on the roster. Well Cedric Benson, who is no stranger to the pokey, has … [Read on]

Teams Should Offer Lebron ‘Jackie Moon’ Deal

We're only two days away from the official start of the NBA free agency season, B.K.A., The LeBron James Sweepstakes.LeBron James is considered the prime catch of all the superstar free agents, but what can teams offer a man that has everything?Well, … [Read on]