Bristol police investigating white powder found at ESPN

Bristol police are investigating a white powder that was found earlier today in the mail facility on ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus. NBC Connecticut has the details. … [Read on]

Eliezer Alfonzo uses the Ryan Braun defense to have his 100 game suspension overturned

Remember when we said MLB would never let another player beat the system the way Ryan Braun did? Well, looks like we wrong. Dead wrong. According to the AP, Colorado Rockies catch Eliezer Alfonzo just beat the system. And he beat it in a big way. … [Read on]

Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s lawyers say that he may be an extortion target

The first explanation for why Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s home is part of a child pornography investigation has come from a lawyer for Anderson. Colin Bresee released a statement today stating that Anderson may be being extorted by a California … [Read on]

If Mike Woodson wants the Knicks job he reportedly must hire an agent James Dolan doesn’t dislike

When we heard that Mike Woodson and the Knicks were beginning talks about a contract extension, we happily applauded the Knicks for finally doing the right thing. But of course, for everything the Knicks do right, Knicks owner James Dolan has to … [Read on]

Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross showed up in the bullpen wearing the wrong colored uniform

Rangers rookie pitcher Robbie Ross was summoned to the bullpen to warm up when suddenly he realizes that he’s wearing the Rangers’ grey uniform instead of the blue uniform. And to make the scene even enjoyable for us, teammates around him go about … [Read on]

Tiger Woods yelled at a fan because her cell phone clicked during his swing

We already made the case that Tiger Woods is rounding into the Tiger Woods of old in certain parts of his life. Though, his play is not quite there yet, you can see the strides elsewhere. We’ve already chronicled that his love of checking out the … [Read on]

Get ready for the Tim Tebow E! special

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this new world we live in where it’s Tim Tebow news every day, all day. Yesterday, it was the news of Tebow changing his dog’s name from Bronco to Bronx, which is definitely going to confuse the dog. And today, we … [Read on]

The only thing that matters is regular season success, says Carlos Boozer

The best thing for a player to respond to questions moments after being eliminated from the NBA playoffs is to attempt to keep their emotions in check and respond in a measured, calculated manner. Especially when that player just went 1-11 from the … [Read on]

Red Sox fans booed Josh Beckett off the mound last night

Earlier this week there was a report that Beckett was out golfing before missing a start because of stiffness in his latissimus muscle. And to cap the week off, Beckett went out last night seven runs on seven hits and two home runs. Beckett could … [Read on]

Despite a Rangers loss in game 6, early edition of the New York Post celebrates Rangers victory

Early risers in New York that got their hands on the early edition of the New York Post this morning were treated to quite a surprise. If they didn’t catch the final score of the Rangers-Capitals game, they got the pleasant surprise of reading that … [Read on]