And Here’s A NBA Referee Calling Five Technicals In A Span Of Ten Seconds

If by chance you still don’t believe that the NBA’s new technical foul policy is utterly ridiculous, here’s a video that should drive the point home.Let me set the stage:An NBA referee calls five technical fouls in a span of ten seconds.Stage. … [Read on]

In Case You Were Wondering, Ines Sainz Is Picking The NY Jets To Win The Super Bowl

Usually I could care less about someone's Super Bowl prediction because it's pretty useless to me. But when Ines Sainz makes a Super Bowl prediction, it's still pretty useless, but not as useless. Especially when she picks the team that she alleges … [Read on]

The BCS Trophy Make Its Triumph Return To……….Walmart

Not to be outdone by their state rival Alabama, Auburn's BCS trophy will be on display at Walmart stores in Alabama and even Georgia. So that means there is gonna be some epic picture taking going on.AUBURN — Auburn will display its $30,000 crystal … [Read on]

The Lakers Beat The Cavaliers By 55 Points Last Night, And LeBron James Loved Every Minute Of It

While you were busy watching more exciting NBA games or prime time television, the Los Angles Lakers were busy beating down the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-57. And while most of us that see that score responds with, "Wow" or "D#@#" or "D#$%, wow the … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Antonio Cromartie Calls Tom Brady An A-Hole, Trevor Hoffman Retires, & Michigan Satisfied With Brady Hoke

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at’s A Nice E-Card To Send To All The … [Read on]

Pistons, Officially Rebuilding For Future

Not so long ago the Detroit Pistons were the cream of the NBA's Eastern conference, but have quickly falling to the bottom over the last two years.The Pistons played in the Eastern Conference Finals for 6 consecutive seasons (2003-2008), but have … [Read on]

So, Brent Musberger Wasn’t Even Paid For His Shameless Tostitos Plug Last Night

This is America. Home of the brave, land of the free. And where you can get paid to shameless plug any product you what if the price is right and if you have an audience. Brent Musberger definitely had the audience last night during the Tostitos … [Read on]

Les Miles To Remain At LSU

LSU head coach Les Miles met with Michigan officials last night, but has decided to stay at LSU.Les Miles will remain LSU's coach after talking with Michigan officials about the vacancy at his alma mater.LSU athletic director Joe Alleva released a … [Read on]

Former Homeless Man Ted Williams Detained By Police After Altercation With Daughter

Everyone's favorite homeless man, turned internet sensation was briefly detained in LA last night after a yelling altercation with his daughter according to the Hollywood Reporter."LAPD responded to a disturbance call at the Renaissance Hotel at … [Read on]

Wade Phillips Finally Realizes That His Head Coaching Career Is Over

Yes, the man who publicly pointed out that his winning percentage is identical to Tom Landry's (like that means anything) has finally realized what we all realized long ago. That his head coaching career is over.Sure he was just a head coach a … [Read on]