Tom Brady Isn’t Fond Of The Jets Or Their Little HBO Reality Show

While many are enamored with the many offseason moves made by the NY Jets and Rex Ryan’s predictable use of the “F word”, Tom Brady isn’t. In fact he hates them. So as for that little HBO Hard Knocks show that may or may not have made Antonio … [Read on]

Let’s Start The Week With A High School Football Brawl

We’re literally weeks away from football that actually counts. You’re anxious. I’m anxious. So it’s pretty safe to say that players on all levels are anxious. They’re so anxious that the minute they get to participate in anything remotely close to … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Lou Piniella Retires, Eli Manning Returning To Practice, Jets And Nick Mangold Close To A New Deal, & J.R. Smith On The Trading Block

Learn Linguistics The Latrell Sprewell Way (Deadspin)Delonte West Gets 10 Game Suspension For Driving with Armory (The Legend of Cecilio Guante)Emotional goodbye for Lou Piniella (Chicago Tribune)Albert Haynesworth had rhabdomyolysis (Washington … [Read on]

Jay Mariotti Arrested For Possible Domestic Disturbance

Everyone's favorite sportswriter spent his Saturday morning in a Los Angeles jail. The details are scarce at the moment and unfortunately they aren't releasing his mugshot. At any rate, The LA Times has what we do know at the moment.ESPN … [Read on]

Someone Please Put a Muzzle on Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens was indicted by a federal grand jury on Thursday for obstruction of Congress and perjury.For some apparent reason, Clemens took the stand back in 2008 to tell his side of the steroid story-lie-and address allegations made by his former … [Read on]

LeGarrette Blount Just Can’t Fight The Urge To Punch A Man In The Face, The Untold Story

Yesterday we you brought the story of a scuffle at Tennessee Titians’ practice that ended with LeGarrette Blount punching a teammate in the face (really facemask, face just sounds better). If you remember, we even joked (really made a serious … [Read on]

Antonio Cromartie Blames HBO For His Struggles With His Kids’ Names

A day after the internet went wild on Antonio Cromartie for his inability to rattle of his kids’ names on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Cromartie has decided to go wild on HBO. Cromartie contends that his interview on HBO’s reality show wasn’t really reality. … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Nenad Krstic Throws A Chair During Brawl, Rod Woodson Rips Brett Favre, & Tony Reali Takes Intramural Soccer Very Seriously

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Loving Skittles finally pays off for Derrick Rose (Ball Don’t Lie)Rod Woodson: ‘I’ve lost respect for Brett’ ( … [Read on]

Brian Cushing: Still Suspended

'Over-trained athlete syndrome,' that's the excuse Brian Cushing gave for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs back in the spring.This relatively new, okay let's get real, it's a syndrome that was created by Cushing, Texans' owner Bob … [Read on]

Percy Harvin Collapses At Practice, Rushed To The Hospital

Percy Harvin’s short stint in the NFL has been filled with highs and lows. The highs came on the field with Harvin being named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2009. The lows have come off the field as he has continuously battled migraines … [Read on]