Paterno family forming ‘group of experts’ to conduct review of Freeh Report

If it wasn’t clear months ago, it should be crystal clear by now that the only thing the Paterno family is concerned with is preserving Joe Paterno’s diminishing legacy. And yet another indication of this is the family’s announcement that they well … [Read on]

It only took one punch for this female MMA fighter to knock out her opponent

We’ve been down the “unusually fast knockout in a MMA fight” road before. So we’re well aware of what can happen in the opening seconds of a MMA fight. So when Ashlee Evans-Smith decided that she didn’t want to touch gloves with opponent Veronica … [Read on]

New England Patriots have reportedly told Rob Gronkowski that his summer party tour is over

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been in the news quite a lot this offseason. More than any other Patriot under Bill Belichick that we can ever remember. And while Gronkowski has used his offseason to attend as many parties as he could, the … [Read on]

Looks like Jason Kidd was having a great time before getting arrested for DWI

New York Knicks point guard Jason Kidd was arrested for DWI early Sunday morning by Southampton Town police. The photo to the left is allegedly of Kidd dancing on a table some time before crashing his Escalade into a tree. According to TMZ, Kidd … [Read on]

Joe Paterno statue is now being ‘monitored’ by Penn State security

One of, if not the biggest questions that came out of the Freeh Report that was released yesterday is whether or not the Joe Paterno statue should come down. A Facebook page has been created to help the cause of removing the statue and even former … [Read on]

The Bobby Valentine experiment in Boston may have finally reached its breaking point

Earlier this season, Curt Schilling pointed to potential problems that were beginning to bubble up in the Red Sox clubhouse. And we must admit we accused Schilling of just stirring the pot. Because that's just what Curt Schilling does. But it seems … [Read on]

Blake Griffin suffers torn meniscus, out of Olympics

Blake Griffin suffered an apparent knee injury during the Team USA practice yesterday. And after being examined by doctors, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Griffin has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus in left knee which will need … [Read on]

Despite signing with the Miami Heat, Ray Allen says he’ll always be a Celtic

For Celtics fans, losing Ray Allen in free agency is one thing. But losing Ray Allen in free agency to the Miami Heat is totally another. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Allen is catching heat for signing with the Heat. Allen understands the … [Read on]

Someone please stop Roddy White from tweeting

Look, we’re all for freedom of speech and being able to read everyone’s view on everything on Twitter. But it comes a point where some people need to be stopped from sharing their views on Twitter. And today is that point for Atlanta Falcons wide … [Read on]

Televisions on Penn State’s campus were switched to public access channel during live coverage of Freeh Report

If the contents of the Freeh Report weren’t a big enough black eye for Penn State, we now get word that the university took measures this morning that made it worse. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, televisions in the Penn State student center … [Read on]