Jerry Sloan To Step Down As Coach Of The Utah Jazz

After 22 years at the helm Jerry Sloan reportedly will resign as coach of the Utah Jazz. A rift between Deron Williams and Sloan is what is said to have pushed Sloan out the door. And if that’s the case, it’s really a shame.After 22-plus years, the … [Read on]

George Mason’s Basketball Program Makes Fun Of Themselves For Not Getting Any Respect From The Casual Fan

Just like any other small school, George Mason feels like they are being overlooked. So their basketball program took matters into their own hands by releasing this video.The Green Bay Packers reference was kind of funny though. … [Read on]

Jerry Jones Has Gone Into Hiding

After the logistics debacle know as Super Bowl XLV was over, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went into seclusion.The outspoken owner usually boasts of his business savvy and beautiful new stadium but after an inauspicious Super Bowl experience for … [Read on]

Joba Chamberlain Prepared For The Upcoming MLB Season By Putting On 10-15 Pounds (Of Fat?)

The MLB season is right around the corner and soon, Spring Training will be underway. (Yay?) Joba Chamberlain kicked off his season by showing up to the New York Yankees facility to show off he is svelte new body. A body so svelte that it was … [Read on]

After Losing 26 Straight Games, Byron Scott Is Finally Pissed

In the midst of this record breaking losing streak by the Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach Byron Scott has been relatively calm. Scott took the Cleveland job hoping to have LeBron James in the fold, but once that ship sailed, he knew the season would … [Read on]

Kentucky Wildcat Fans Welcomed Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl Back To SEC Play With Taunts, Profanity

On Tuesday night, Bruce Pearl made his return to the bench after serving an 8 game suspension for lying to the NCAA. Well, Kentucky fans were aware of that fact and they made Pearl's return very unpleasant. It was so unpleasant that Pearl requested … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: John Daly’s Caddyshack Golf Bag, Seth Curry Carries Duke Past UNC, & Carmelo Anthony Is Now Considering Staying With The Nuggets

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Daly’s New Golf Bag Features Flat … [Read on]

Looks Like Brett Favre Is Becoming A Forgotten Man In Green Bay

Brett Favre used to be the golden boy in Green Bay. But now that Aaron Rodgers has led their Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl title, Rodgers has stolen the hearts of many cheese heads.Now, the Packers’ brass still sees Favre in light that may … [Read on]

This Blake Griffin Rookie Card Will Run You $32,000

Back in day, card collecting was just a hobby. Something you did as a kid for fun. You heard stories about people making a couple hundred dollars on a rare card, but you really didn’t pay it any attention because you were a kid and it would never … [Read on]

And Here’s Randy Foye Breaking JJ Redick Down To The Ground

No one thinks of JJ Redick as a defensive stopper. What you’re about to see won’t change any minds anytime soon. … [Read on]