Paterno family sent letter that Joe Paterno wrote before his death to former Penn State players

The Paterno family sent a lengthy letter that Joe Paterno wrote to former Penn State players Wednesday morning. According to the Paterno family, the letter was written less than a month before Paterno died of lung cancer. In the letter, Paterno … [Read on]

Here’s Bob Kraft’s statement regarding that audition video with Ricki Lander

Of course that little audition video that Patriots owner Bob Kraft and pal Ricki Lander is in is now all over the internet. The video isn’t as weird when you find out that it was for Lander’s audition for an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson … [Read on]

DeSean Jackson doesn’t quite understand how to advertise for a company on Twitter

Last night, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was asked by Nokia to tweet that he was “chillin at the Nokia pre-party for the ESPYs. But instead of tweeting his own message, Jackson just retweeted the original message that Nokia sent to him. Of … [Read on]

Jeremy Lin reportedly upset that the Knicks didn’t offer him a contract before Rockets did

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is heading in to his third NBA season. But most importantly, this will be the first NBA season where anyone will expect anything out of him. We say all this to say that despite Lin bursting on the national scene … [Read on]

So what exactly is Patriots owner Bob Kraft doing in this Ricki Lander audition video?

So if you keep up with the gossip, you know that Patriots owner Bob Kraft has a “pal” named Ricki Lander. Which is totally fine by us. If Bob wants to keep a 30 something pal by his side, that’s cool. Bob’s a grown man. But when Bob begins to let … [Read on]

Kobe Bryant thinks the current Olympic team would ‘pull it out’ against the Dream Team

Every four years, a new USA basketball team is chosen to compete in the Olympics. And every four years that team is compared to the 1992 Dream Team. Then, at some point someone asks a member of the team if he thinks that the current team can beat the … [Read on]

Ronaldinho drinks a Pepsi at press conference, loses $750,000 Coca-Cola endorsement deal

When soccer star Ronaldinho sat down to speak to reporters at a press conference, the last thing he thought would happen is that he would lose an endorsement deal worth $750,000. But that’s exactly what happened when Ronaldinho sat in the press … [Read on]

Dallas never made an attempt to re-sign Jason Terry

The Dallas Mavericks were once seen as one of the more aggressive franchises in the NBA when it came to free agent signings. Almost every summer they would be busy landing players in an attempt to bolster their lineup. But curiously, this offseason … [Read on]

Streaker with ‘Free Tibet’ written on his back invades Olympic torch relay (NSFW)

A streaker briefly interrupted the Olympic torch relay today in Henley. The man ran out in front of the torch bearing holding a fake torch and nothing but shoe, socks, and the words “Free Tibet” on his back. The man was quickly covered and … [Read on]

Atlanta Hawks have reportedly engaged Orlando in trade talks for Dwight Howard

With each passing day and each report, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to Dwight Howard being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. And while it seems that the Mavericks and Lakers have come to the realization that they probably won’t get a … [Read on]