Rex Ryan is the best defensive coach in football according to Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan is a talker. That’s just what he does. Whether it’s proclaiming the Jets to be the favorites to win the Super Bowl or flat out guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory, talking (and being wrong) is just his thing. So it shouldn’t surprise you … [Read on]

Here’s a sneak peek of what the London Olympics Opening Ceremonies will look like

Running magazine Runner’s World tweeted, and then deleted of course, the picture you see above for its Twitter account of the venue for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. This is exactly what Twitter was built for. Showing the world things that … [Read on]

Freeh Group member says NCAA shouldn’t have used Freeh Report as basis for sanctions

Despite all the praise that the NCAA has received for handing down the Penn State sanctions, there have also been some criticisms. Most people believed that Penn State deserved some type of punishment, but it’s debatable if it was the NCAA’s job to … [Read on]

A reporter has already called Mark Sanchez, “Tim”

Well, it didn’t take long for reporters at Jets camp to make an already awkward situation even more awkward. Thursday when Mark Sanchez was taking questions from a group of media members, a female voice begins her comment with “Tim”. Sanchez calmly … [Read on]

Pau Gasol is feeling like ‘a beast’ these days

Don’t laugh, but Lakers big man Pau Gasol is feeling good this summer. So good that he’s calling himself “a beast” over in London. Maybe it’s because it has become clear that he may be with the Lakers for the long haul. Or maybe it’s because he … [Read on]

Sports agent Ralph Cindrich accuses Nick Saban of paying for players

Pittsburgh area sports agent Ralph Cindrich joined NewsRadio 1020 KDKA in Pittsburgh to give his take on the Penn State sanctions that were handed down by the NCAA. But Cindrich really wasn’t interested in discussing the sanctions per se, unless you … [Read on]

David Stern is perfectly fine with all the Dwight Howard drama

Undoubtedly, you just want Dwight Howard to just go away. Your hope is that the Magic trade him in the next 10 minutes, just so he can stop whining about not wanting to play in Orlando anymore. We understand and we do too. The quicker this can be … [Read on]

Voicemails left by Jerry Sandusky for Victim 2 have been released

Victim 2 of the Jerry Sandusky case has come forward according to Sara Ganim of the Patriot News. As you may recall, Victim 2 is the victim that Mike Mike McQueary saw being molested in the shower by Sandusky. The victim recently revealed himself … [Read on]

Brett Keisel showed up to Steelers camp driving a tractor

Training camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers opened today. And while the parking lot at Saint Vincent College is undoubtedly littered with luxury cars, defensive end Brett Keisel decided to go another route. And by another route, we mean that he … [Read on]

Let’s just say that some Marlins players are happy that Hanley Ramirez is gone

Usually when a player is the face of a franchise for almost 7 years and then gets suddenly traded, you hear stories from the clubhouse about how former teammates are sad to see him go. Sure, a player won’t get along with everyone, but over a 7 year … [Read on]