Pat Burns’ Sources Tell Him That Pat Burns Aint Dead

Don’t you just love the good ole journalists with all their “sources” and such? You know, those sources that told journalists around the country that former NHL coach, Pat Burns had died of cancer. But what they didn’t know was that Pat Burns had a … [Read on]

If You Need A Job, The New York Mets Are Hiring……..For Every Position

The cynic in me says that this can’t be a real commercial. But the realist in me says that the every position within the Mets organization should be open, so this could be a real commercial. And that’s all the reasoning I need to believe that this … [Read on]

Teddy Bruschi’s Scouting Report On Mark Sanchez Includes “Tanks It” And “Frontrunner”

The long awaited game between the Jets and Patriots this weekend has brought forth excitement, trash talking, and blatant homerism from former players. Today’s “blatant homerism from a former New England Patriots player” comes from ESPN analyst, … [Read on]

The Glory Lines: Reggie Bush Isn’t Admitting Guilt, George Steinbrenner Memorial To Be Unveiled On Monday, & Mark Cuban Calls Out LeBron

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Have a link or story that needs to be added? Hit us up at Whitlock-Ines Sainz Photoshop For … [Read on]

Woods Still Has The Big Bucks Coming In

Over the last 10 months, Tiger Woods has lost his wife, girlfriends, endorsements and every tournament he's entered in, but he hasn't lost his ability to make lots of money.According to, despite all of his recent indiscretions, Woods is … [Read on]

Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

The NFL kicked off the start of its 2010 season with great games across the board last week. There was even a good game between two of the league’s worst teams last season in the Bucs and Browns. But now, week one is in the books which means it’s … [Read on]

I Guess We Should Let Jenn Sterger Weigh In On The Ines Sainz Mess Too

We’ve already opened the flood gates by letting Clinton Portis weigh in on this thang. So I guess we should let someone that knows well the power of the female body have at it. Take it away, Jenn Sterger.“This is the same woman that walked into the … [Read on]

Rex Ryan And His Jets Are The NFL’s Best…….Trash Talkers

The New York Jets have been talking trash, consistently, for more than a year now and they have nothing to show for it.Sure, they managed to back their way into the 2009 playoffs and grabbed a couple of victories, but their growing overconfidence has … [Read on]

Since It Seems To Be Such A Big Deal, Here’s Derek Jeter Pretending To Be Hit By A Pitch

There. Now can we move on with our day? … [Read on]

The Detroit Lions Are Adding Pseudocheerleaders, But They’re Not Quite Sure How To Use Them

I’m sure that you were unaware that the Detroit Lions haven’t had cheerleaders in their existence in the city of Detroit. An existence that dates all the way back to 1934. I’m also sure that the Detroit Lions have decided to let a group called the … [Read on]