Vikings owner Zygi Wilf expects the Vikings to win NFC North

Ahhh, the opening of NFL training camps. It’s a time where optimism and expectations rule the day. Every team has expectations about the upcoming season. And of course, some expectations are more realistic than others. Take for example Minnesota … [Read on]

3,000 fans showed up for Penn State football’s first morning workout of the preseason

Penn State football players showed up for their first morning workout of the preseason at 6:00 am Tuesday morning and they were not alone. An estimated 3,000 Penn State fans gathered outside the Lasch Building and cheered as player after player filed … [Read on]

Apparently, Dennis Rodman has written a children’s book

Let’s take a moment discuss some of the things Dennis Rodman has done that would suggest that he would never, ever, ever write a children’s book. Ready? He’s done an interview while “entertaining” a woman in bed. He’s worn lingerie … [Read on]

17-year-old arrested for tweeting to Great Britain diver Tom Daley that he let his dead father down

We’ve already seen how Twitter has gotten athletes Michel Morganella and Voula Papachristou in trouble. Now Twitter troubles have spread to spectators. A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Monday on suspicion of malicious communications charges after he … [Read on]

NBC runs promo touting interview with gold medal winner Missy Franklin before actually showing race she won gold in

NBC has decided to tape delay many of the big events and show them in prime time. We don’t particularly like it, but we understand. It’s all about making the money. And though, we have to deal with results being spoiled by journalists in London … [Read on]

Dustin Pedroia has a photo of his head on shirtless Tim Tebow’s body in his locker

We bring you this nugget from The Boston Globe without any further comment. … [Read on]

Penn State Anti-NCAA t-shirts have arrived

The company Smack Apparel has created the first Penn State Anti-NCAA t-shirt that we’ve run across since the NCAA hit Penn State with sanctions. The front of the t-shirt comes complete with the hammer and sickle logo of The Communist Party of … [Read on]

Olympic tickets being sold to the public after a weekend of empty seats

If you’re not a part of the many international federations, chances are you were unable to get tickets to Olympic events in London. But all that changed Sunday when British citizens began to complain to notice all the empty seats at many of the … [Read on]

Here’s Mike Krzyzewski doing yoga before Team USA practice

Thanks to Deron Williams, we all now know that Mike Krzyzewski does yoga. And furthermore, we all now know that Mike Krzyzewski needs to work on his child’s pose. … [Read on]

Tim Tebow wants you to believe that he’s surprised reporters filmed him as he ran past them shirtless in the rain

If you missed it over the weekend, Tim Tebow set off an internet firestorm when he ran shirtless in the rain after Saturday’s practice. No matter what Tim Tebow wants you to believe, it’s quite obvious he knew what he was doing. For one, practice … [Read on]