Here’s Rex Ryan wearing an ‘I’d Hit That’ t-shirt while posing with young woman

That is all. [@AlexMarroquin8] … [Read on]

After a 20-point second half against Australia, Olympic officials had Kobe Bryant drug tested

After every Olympic basketball game, Olympic officials choose a player from each team to be drug tested. It is said that the player chosen is usually the player that led his team in scoring in the game. (Olympic officials have come out and denied … [Read on]

Lane Kiffin says he ‘would not vote USC No. 1’, votes USC No. 1

Here’s something that we’re sure you’ll find hard to believe. You ready? Okay. Lane Kiffin was caught in a lie. We know it’s hard to believe since Kiffin is usually upfront about everything he does. The man is so open and upfront that he even … [Read on]

Replacement referee refers to Arizona in Atlanta-Baltimore preseason game

For many replacement referees, last night was their first NFL game. But for referee Craig Ochoa, last night’s Falcons-Ravens game was his second. Ochoa’s first game was the Hall of Fame game between the Cardinals and the Saints. And since Ochoa … [Read on]

Belgian Olympic Committee sent cyclist Gijs Van Hoecke home after pictures of his drunken night in London emerge

From the looks of things, Belgium Olympic cyclist Gijs van Hoecke had a really good time on this particular night in London. As you can see, he had such a good time that he couldn’t walk by night’s end. Unfortunately for Van Hoecke, someone took … [Read on]

US Olympian Manteo Mitchell ran 4×400 relay with a broken leg

During Thursday morning’s qualifying heat, US Olympian Manteo Mitchell ran the leadoff leg of the 4x400 relay. The team comfortably qualified for Friday’s final and all seemed right. But late Thursday night, USA Track and Field announced that … [Read on]

Latest Dwight Howard trade rumor has Howard landing in Los Angeles in four-team trade

Yawn. You know the drill here: Take it all with a grain of salt. The latest revival of the long awaited Dwight Howard trade comes from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. According to Wojnarowsk, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic have … [Read on]

Randy Wolf actually threw a 49 mph pitch yesterday

Everyone knows that Aroldis Chapman owns the record for the fastest pitch ever recorded. But we’re having a hard time finding who holds the record for the slowest pitch ever recorded. Since that information is readily available, we will crown … [Read on]

How Lolo Jones set herself up to get played by the media

The storyline for Lolo Jones heading into the London Olympics was obvious the minute Jones stumbled over the second-to-last hurdle in Beijing: “Unfinished Business”. But that particular storyline slowly faded away in the months leading up to the … [Read on]

Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Usain Bolt in the 40

Now what’s the key word in that title? That’s right. It’s “thinks”. And no matter how much Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson thinks he can beat Olympic gold medalist and fastest man alive Usain Bolt in the 40, it's just not … [Read on]