Report: Seahawks Fire Jim Mora

Jay Glazer just dropped it on his twitter.Here's what FOX Sports has learned the Seahawks have fired coach Jim Mora after just one year.It's curious that they would make a move so soon. Mora took over a 4-12 team, and this year's … [Read on]

The Story That Puts Colt McCoy’s Injury In Perspective

The morning after a championship game is always littered with fallout.  The fallout following last night's BCS Championship has been centered around Colt McCoy's injury that kept him out for pretty much the entire game.  There are comments … [Read on]

Fines Coming For Those Involved In Arenas’ "Cactus Jack" Impersonation

This photo that has been making its rounds on the web depicting Gilbert Arenas and his teammates yucking it up while he shoots imaginary six shooters will be indeed costly. It has already costed Arenas the rest of his season. Now, it will cost some … [Read on]

Report: USF Has Fired Jim Leavitt

University of South Florida football coach Jim Leavitt's tenure with the program is over, FanHouse has learned.The only coach the Bulls have had in the program's 13-year history leaves after an investigation that was initiated after a FanHouse report … [Read on]

The Glory Lines 1/8/10

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Here's to you, trespassing Rose Bowl luchador (Dr. Saturday)Browns Continue to Fumble Josh Cribbs Contract ‘Negotiations’ … [Read on]

Your College Football Previewrooski: BCS National Championship

BCS National Championship Game - #1 Alabama VS #2 Texas 8 P.M.The college football season comes to an end tonight after either Texas or Alabama is crowned National Champions. Both teams have had great seasons this year and the stage doesn't get any … [Read on]

Charlie Weis: Back Where He Belongs

After an unsuccessful run in the college ranks, offensive genius Charlie Weis is headed back to the NFL.According to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, the Kansas City Chiefs have made Weis the offensive coordinator.When asked about Weis' new post with … [Read on]

What’s Next For Gilbert Arenas?

Gilbert Arenas' recent actions have been nothing short of deplorable.The fact that he actually took guns, loaded or not, to the Verizon Center shows his severe disconnect with reality.The Wizards' point guard has a $111M/6-year contract. He makes … [Read on]

Rex Ryan Thinks The Jets Are The Favorites In The Playoffs

Pull up a chair and take in the comedic stylings of New York Jets' head coach, Rex Ryan.When asked Wednesday how it felt to be labeled as the biggest long shot of the 12 playoff teams, Jets Coach Rex Ryan replied: “I wasn’t aware of that. To me, we … [Read on]

The Starting Point Guard For The Philippine National Team Could Be……..Nate Robinson?

Hold on, hold on. No need to call dismiss this so quickly.I know, I know. Yes, Nate Robinson doesn't look Filipino. Yes, Nate Robinson has never claimed to be Filipino. And yes, a Filipino height joke could be added here. But that doesn't mean it … [Read on]