Stan Van Gundy is going from radio station to radio station ripping the Magic

Until last week, former Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy hadn’t public given his opinion on anything regarding his previous employer. But he has now started to make the rounds on sports radio in Florida and it seems that Van Gundy has decided that … [Read on]

Dez Bryant’s advisor alleges that Drew Rosenhaus offered him money in an effort to sign Bryant

According to Yahoo! Sports, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus allegedly offered money and a trip to Miami to Dez Bryant’s advisor in an effort to steer Bryant to sign with Rosenhaus. Bryant’s longtime advisor, David Wells told Yahoo! Sports that all the … [Read on]

Someone spent $1,500 for this Andrew Luck sketch of Lucas Oil Stadium

We’re not about telling people what to do with their hard earned money here at No Guts. But we’re about tell people what they shouldn’t do with their hard earned money. And that is do not spend it on a sketch done by Andrew Luck. Let alone a sketch … [Read on]

Kobe Bryant dropped 68 points in 15 minutes in a Chinese charity game

Yes, this was against non-NBAers. And yes, Kobe was the best player on the court. But don’t let those facts dissuade you from watch a 33 year-old Kobe Bryant score 68 points in a matter of 15 minutes. And yes, that is indeed a photo of Kobe … [Read on]

Augusta National admits Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore, calls it “a joyous occasion”

On one hand, Augusta National is a private club and is free to admit whomever they want to admit to their club. But on the other hand, it was 2012 last time we checked Women being able to play golf on the same golf course as men really should not … [Read on]

LeBron James honored in Akron for his foundation, is booed

LeBron James just capped off his best year as a professional with an Olympic gold medal. But while he's floating on cloud nine, there are some that still haven’t forgiven him for taking his talents to South Beach. That much was evident when LeBron … [Read on]

Melky Cabrera attempted to dodge being suspended by creating phony website

What was once just a ho-hum 50 game suspension for Melky Cabrera has now quickly turned into something much more serious. So serious that federal investigators are suddenly asking questions about Cabrera’s failed drug test and a fictitious website … [Read on]

Matt Kemp shouts “Let’s go Dre!” from the dugout, gets ejected

Thin-skinned umpires are everywhere these days. In the minors, they’re ejecting DJ’s and PA announcers for playing “Three Blind Mice” in response to a questionable call. And in the majors, they’re ejecting players for cheering for their teammates as … [Read on]

Tyrann Mathieu has entered drug rehab in Houston

Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu has entered drug rehab in Houston according to Fox 8. Mathieu has been in rehab since Monday. Thought to be contemplating which university he would play football at this season, Mathieu and his family has … [Read on]

Chad Johnson reportedly abused Evelyn Lozada “from the beginning of their relationship”

We really don’t know what to think of the Chad Johnson-Evelyn Lozada dometic violence case. But this much is clear: Either Chad Johnson is not the person he portrays himself as or someone has unleashed a calculated attack on him. Earlier this … [Read on]