Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush: 49ers “really didn’t beat us”

Monday morning mistakenness continues around the NFL. First, Brandon Weeden tried to convince us that he wasn’t overwhelmed in his first start against the Eagles. And now, Green Bay Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush is trying to convince us that the … [Read on]

Questionable Pose: Tyson Chandler wearing something Tyson Chandler should not be allowed to wear

You know, maybe that headline is a little too extreme. It’s a free country. Tyson Chandler should be allowed to wear whatever he likes. … [Read on]

Wisconsin reportedly fires offensive line coach Mike Markuson after loss to Oregon State

If you know anything about Wisconsin football, you understand that it’s all about the offensive line. Yeah, they have Montee Ball and Russell Wilson put great numbers for the Badger last season, but none of that matters. They pride themselves in … [Read on]

Despite throwing four interceptions, Brandon Weeden insists he wasn’t overwhelmed

In case you missed it, here is the stat line Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden put up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday 12-35 for 118 yards with 1 interception, 1 fumble and a quarterback rating of 5.1 And though it was clear … [Read on]

What we learned from week two of the college football season

Week 2 of the college football season is in the books. Here’s what we learned. … [Read on]

Here are Washington Nationals rookies dressed in U.S. gymnastics leotards

After Sunday’s 8-0 loss to the Marlins, the Washington Nationals boarded the train for a trip to New York to take on the Mets. While the Nationals’ veterans were able to board the train wearing whatever they would normally wear, Nationals’ rookies … [Read on]

Cincinnati trumpet player tumbles on the way to the field, forced to fake playing trumpet

So apparently, the Cincinnati band makes a habit of running out of the stands onto the field to play a few tunes before the game. Which is fine and all until someone falls on their way to the field. That’s exactly what happened to the trumpet … [Read on]

Potential bench-clearing brawl between Nationals and Cubs turned into a bench-clearing shoving match

Benches cleared after Cubs pitcher Lendy Castillo threw inside on Bryce Harper. But once teams gathered on the diamond, all they were able to muster was a little yapping and shoving. Things seemed to have calmed down when more yapping and shoving … [Read on]

So apparently, Rajon Rondo will be working as a GQ intern during Fashion Week

So appears that Rajon Rondo will be an intern with GQ during Fashion Week. And if you’re wondering why GQ would ever choose Rondo as an intern to cover anything related to fashion, well the photo above is the answer. … [Read on]

Mathias Kiwanuka: “I haven’t been held this much since I was a baby”

Most level-headed observers of Wednesday night’s season opening game between the Giants and the Cowboys would say that the replacement referees did a pretty good job. And though, they’ve had their issues here and there, it would be tough to argue … [Read on]