Um Dave Wannstedt, I Think You May Want To See This

We rarely start the day with a video, but this one is pretty incredible. So incredible that I'm doubting the "realness" of what you're about to see. But for all intents and purposes, let's just go with the pretense that this is completely real. … [Continue reading]

The Glory Lines 6/16/09

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!12 NBA Franchises That Deserve A Championship More Than The Lakers (Hail Mary Jane)Stallworth To Plead Guilty (Pro … [Continue reading]

Michael Phelps Is Back On The Scene With A New Mustache And A New Book

So it seems that Michael Phelps has put his "trouble" behind him and is back in the pool again. And just in case you've forgotten, Phelps is pretty good in the pool.The superstar from the Beijing Olympics clobbered the competition in the 200-meter … [Continue reading]

How Trading For Shaq Will Cripple The Cavs For Years To Come

The web has been buzzing all weekend with rumors of Shaquille O'Neal being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This deal was first proposed before the All-Star break but never happened for one reason or another. The Cavs would get Shaq and in return, … [Continue reading]

Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is our brief recap of some of the most captivating stories of the previous week.The Lakers are Champs! Was there any doubt of who the best team in the league was this season in the NBA, not in my opinion. Kobe and the gang ended the … [Continue reading]

The Glory Lines 6/15/09

It's time for the daily linkage. You know the drill, here's some stories from around the 'net that we like and you SHOULD too!Photos Of Los Angeles Lakers Fans Rioting & Celebrating In The Streets After NBA Championship Win (Sports Rubbish)The … [Continue reading]

Which Magic Team Stan Van Gundy Shows Up Tonight?

This post is sponsored by BetUs.comI know that it may seem that we really don't care for SVG as a coach. And there may be a lot of truth to that statement. But I, for one, have realized that he has the potential to be one of the best coaches in the … [Continue reading]

If You Enjoyed The Dwight Howard Vitamin Water Ad, Then You’ll Enjoy The Outtakes

We'll end the day with the outtakes from the Dwight Howard Vitamin Water Ad. Have a good weekend everyone and I expect to see you back here on Monday (And this weekend if we decide to get off our lazy tails and post). When you return on Monday, bring … [Continue reading]

Stan Van Gundy blew it

The Orlando Magic suffered a heartbreaking 99-91 overtime loss against the Lakers last night. Orlando held a 87-82 with 1:30 left in regulation, but the team failed to close it out and in turn are now down 3-1. Some say it was unfortunate, but … [Continue reading]

The Rex Grossman Show Heads To Houston

In a move to lock up the award for "the most useless backups on a roster", the Houston Texans have signed Rex Grossman to join the awesomeness that is Dan Orlovsky as the insurance policies behind Matt Schaub.On Thursday, the last day of organized … [Continue reading]

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