Chris Johnson is not to blame for Titans’ rushing woes, according to Chris Johnson

After his opening week performance of 4 yards on 11 carries, Chris Johnson was able to at least keep his sense of humor. But after Week 2’s performance of 17 yards on 8 carries, Titans fans are looking for someone to blame. And though, most … [Read on]

The NFL wants its teams to be nicer to the replacement referees

The NFL is really going all-in with the notion that replacement referees are doing an adequate job. And the latest example is that they chastised all of their teams this week about their behavior when dealing with the referees. According to Adam … [Read on]

Surprise! Tim Tebow is shirtless again

So it’s definitely official now. Tim Tebow is that dude that just can’t keep his shirt on. You know the dude that the minute it gets hot, the shirt comes off. Or when it begins to rain, the shirt comes. Or even when he’s running in the rain, the … [Read on]

Soccer player casually tosses hand grenade off the pitch, grenade explodes

So apparently, someone threw a hand grenade on the pitch during a local club match in Isfahan, Iran. A player finds the grenade and decides that the pitch is nowhere for a grenade to be. So the player casually tosses it off the pitch and seconds … [Read on]

Mel Kiper: “Alabama is a little overrated”

Mel Kiper is in the NFL draft business. That’s his thing. He evaluates individual player and gives his opinion on whether those individual players will be able to make the jump to the NFL game. But for some reason, Kiper decided he would step … [Read on]

There is now a petition on to end the NFL referee lockout

While the NFL continues to go on not caring and pretending that replacement referees are not causing issues, Sports Fans Coalition Executive Director Brian Frederick has created a petition on urging the NFL to end the lockout of the … [Read on]

Fran Tarkenton thinks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are ‘getting old’

Here’s a brief primer on how Fran Tarkenton operates. He sits in the shadows observers. Then someone asks him a question and he lets loose his opinion. And nine times out ten, it’s an opinion that ends up being controversial. Take for instance … [Read on]

Kentucky fan loses eye in an accident, replaces it with a Kentucky glass eye

This is Nicholas Weber and he’s a Kentucky fan. The end. [Kentucky Sports Radio] … [Read on]

Steve Sabol of NFL Films dies of brain cancer

Anyone that has followed the NFL for any length of time knows the name Steve Sabol. He was an integral part of how the NFL is watched today. His father, Ed Sabol created NFL Films and Sabol eventually became President of the company. On Tuesday, … [Read on]

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland allegedly called a fan an “A-hole” during Sunday’s game against the Raiders

As evidenced by their protest outside the Dolphins team facility in March, it’s quite clear that the remaining Dolphins fans in Miami are a passionate group. So it shouldn’t surprise you that one of those passionate Dolphins fans corned Dolphins GM … [Read on]