CT scan reveals Jerry Lawler did not suffer any brain damage

After Jerry Lawler collapsed during Monday night’s taping of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, there were fears that Lawler had suffered brain damage because of the amount of time Lawler’s brain went without oxygen. But according to WMCT in Memphis, result of … [Read on]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 1 is in the books so it's time to take a look at our NFL power rankings heading into week 2. For last week's rankings, go here. … [Read on]

At least Chris Johnson has a sense of humor about his poor showing in Week 1

Titans fans and fantasy owners were undoubtedly disappointed in Chris Johnson’s Week 1 performance. But if it makes you feel better, Johnson is keeping a sense of humor about it all. Yes, Johnson only 4 yards on 11 carries on Sunday. But he's not … [Read on]

USC bans writer for reporting injury to kicker Andre Heidari

USC just can’t keep themselves out of the news these days. Which is usually a good thing. But when all the news seems to be painting the program in a negative light, it certainly isn’t a good thing. Just in the past month alone, USC has banned … [Read on]

Report: Notre Dame to join ACC in everything except football

According ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Notre Dame will become a full member of the ACC with the exception of football. Which to most us means that they really won’t be a full member. But to give the impression of full membership, McMurphy reports that … [Read on]

Soon, you’ll be able to purchase “Jerry Wipes” from the Cowboys’ online store

We all know that Jerry Jones is one capitalistic son-of-a-gun. And now it seems that the “make money anyway you can” attitude has rubbed off Jerry’s son-in-law, Shy Anderson. Now you remember Jerry’s son-in-law, Shy Anderson right? He’s the man … [Read on]

Here’s the most outrageous Tim Tebow headline you’ll read today

Yep, someone actually wrote that headline. If you would like, you can read the full column here. But let us warn you. The column begins with this: … [Read on]

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke doesn’t think too highly of ESPN

In an interview with the National Post, Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke spent 99.9% of the interview talking about the possible NHL lockout and where the Leafs are head. The other 0.01% was spent responding to the Maple Leafs finishing last among … [Read on]

UNC fundraiser resigns after investigation reveals that he and Tami Hansbrough took personal trips at university’s expense

Former UNC chief fundraiser Matt Kupec resigned on Sunday after an internal investigation revealed that he took personal trips with university fundraiser Tami Hansbrough, the mother of former UNC star Tyler Hansbrough, all at the university’s … [Read on]

NFL reportedly has a five week schedule in place for replacement referees

This could be a matter of the NFL just simply preparing just in case. Or it could be an indication of no progress in talks with the NFL Referees Association. But according to the AP, the NFL already has a schedule in place for replacement referees … [Read on]