There is now a petition on to end the NFL referee lockout

While the NFL continues to go on not caring and pretending that replacement referees are not causing issues, Sports Fans Coalition Executive Director Brian Frederick has created a petition on urging the NFL to end the lockout of the … [Read on]

Fran Tarkenton thinks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are ‘getting old’

Here’s a brief primer on how Fran Tarkenton operates. He sits in the shadows observers. Then someone asks him a question and he lets loose his opinion. And nine times out ten, it’s an opinion that ends up being controversial. Take for instance … [Read on]

Kentucky fan loses eye in an accident, replaces it with a Kentucky glass eye

This is Nicholas Weber and he’s a Kentucky fan. The end. [Kentucky Sports Radio] … [Read on]

Steve Sabol of NFL Films dies of brain cancer

Anyone that has followed the NFL for any length of time knows the name Steve Sabol. He was an integral part of how the NFL is watched today. His father, Ed Sabol created NFL Films and Sabol eventually became President of the company. On Tuesday, … [Read on]

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland allegedly called a fan an “A-hole” during Sunday’s game against the Raiders

As evidenced by their protest outside the Dolphins team facility in March, it’s quite clear that the remaining Dolphins fans in Miami are a passionate group. So it shouldn’t surprise you that one of those passionate Dolphins fans corned Dolphins GM … [Read on]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 2 is complete. So it’s time to unveil our NFL power rankings for Week 3. For rankings from weeks 1 and 2, go here. … [Read on]

Bronco Mendenhall confronts Utah fan, Utah fan quickly walks away

We don’t know many things, but what we do know is that it’s probably not a good idea to test a man named Bronco. But that’s exactly what a Utes fan did after rushing the field in celebration of Utah’s 24-21 victory over BYU. BYU coach Bronco … [Read on]

Replacement referee tells LeSean McCoy, ‘I need you for my fantasy team’

Another day, another story painting replacement referees and the NFL in a not so good light. Yesterday, it was issues with conflicts of interest, and today we have LeSean McCoy telling 94WIP in Philly about a few unsettling details regarding the … [Read on]

Kevin McHale blames his inability to get along with players last season on the lockout

Rockets coach Kevin McHale didn’t have the best relationship with some of his players last season. In fact, Kyle Lowery basically came out and said that neither he nor Goran Dragic would play for McHale past the season. And he was right. He now … [Read on]

Steve Young: The NFL doesn’t care about replacement referees’ issues

The performance of replacement referees is a sticky topic for on-air talent calling NFL games. On one hand, it’s totally natural for announcers to want to point out mistakes and even criticize the referees for their lack of control of a game. But on … [Read on]