Officer that was fired in Dabo Swinney traffic case says he was unjustly fired

The Pickens Police Department that was fired for posting details of a traffic stop involving Clemson coach Dabo Swinney on an internet message board finally spoke out on Monday. And according to, he feels that he was unjustly … [Read on]

Raiders fan gets married in the only way you’d expect a Raiders fan to get married

What you’re about to see is the wedding ceremony of Oakland Raiders fan “Gorilla Rilla”. And if you just take a moment and think about every picture you’ve ever seen of Raiders fans at a Raiders’ game and visualize them at a wedding. That’s what went … [Read on]

Scottie Pippen’s Chicago birthday party ended with a dance-off between Pippen and Michael Jordan

On Monday night, Bulls great Scottie Pippen celebrated his 47th birthday at Chicago’s "Sunda" restaurant. Along with other Bulls and NBA names, Pippen was surprised by former teammate Michael Jordan at the surprise party that was thrown by Pippen’s … [Read on]

Looks like the replacement referee nightmare is close to being over

If any game would’ve been the tipping point in this the referee debacle, Monday Night’s game had to be that game. And it seems that because of that game, the NFL and the NFLRA are finally close to a deal. A deal that could have the regular referees … [Read on]

John Lynch: NFL duped networks into going easy on replacement referees

With each passing day, the NFL looks worse and worse in the referee debacle. And though they may not care how bad they look in all this, the fact remains that this is a black eye for the league. The latest embarrassing detail comes from FOX NFL … [Read on]

The Charlotte Observer apparently sees Cam Newton as “Hello Kitty” instead of Superman

It’s been a rough week for Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. The Panthers are 1-2 and coming off a 36-7 beatdown at the hands of the New York Giants. In the aftermath of the Giants game, Newton has been criticized for celebrating the Panthers’ lone … [Read on]

Replacement referee that called game-winning TD in Seahawks-Packers game was deemed not good enough for Division I

Things just continue to get worse and worse for the NFL as fallout continues from the replacement referee debacle in Seattle Monday night. We’ve already outlined the financial implications of the blown call, but it turns out that fans losing their … [Read on]

The Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders’ uniforms will look unlike any other cheerleaders’ uniform in the NBA

It has become evident that the Brooklyn Nets are on a mission to create a persona starkly different from the one they had while playing in New Jersey. There are the new black and white jerseys, the rustic Barclays Center, and the thought by some that … [Read on]

You know things are bad when Tim Donaghy is questioning the integrity of the replacement referees

It is now clear that we’ve hit rock-bottom in regards to the replacement referees. Because whenever disgraced NBA official, Tim Donaghy begins questioning the replacement refs’ integrity, things probably can’t get much worse. Donaghy joined 93.7 … [Read on]

Predictably, the NFL stands by decision to not overturn Seahawks’ touchdown

No one in their right mind expected the NFL to come out and admit that their replacement referees stole Monday Night’s game from the Packers. But just to rub salt in the wounds, the NFL does admit in a statement released on Tuesday that Golden … [Read on]