LSU fans get married during a LSU tailgate

Sports related weddings aren’t new phenomenon. But it seems that folks are beginning to take the idea of a sports related wedding to another level. Gone are the days of a team related cake or the bride and groom marching out to a fight song. Now … [Read on]

For a cool $0.19, you can watch the Cubs end their season against the Astros

The Chicago Cubs’ rough season is finally at its end. And with only three games left to go in their dreadful season, the reasons to attend a Cubs game are few and far between. But like with everything, there are pros and cons about attending this … [Read on]

Jets owner Woody Johnson would rather see Mitt Romney win the election than the Jets have a winning season

If Jets fans have ever wondered why their team is regarded as a “circus”. Why no one takes them seriously. Why they can never seem to put it together. It’s because of the mentality at the top of the organization. It’s because of Jets owner Woody … [Read on]

Roddy White laughs, asks ‘You serious?’ when asked if he and Julio Jones are better Miles Austin and Dez Bryant

Roddy White loves to give his opinion on everything. Even if he was not asked for his opinion. So you just know that White was tickled pink when he Michael Irvin asked for his opinion regarding receiving duos in the NFL. Seemingly looking for an … [Read on]

Darko Milicic will apparently kill someone on the court if he has to

Darko Milicic signed with the Boston Celtics last week, so like most veterans who have underachieved throughout their career Milicic is in “do whatever helps the team win” mode. Because frankly, he's just happy to be on a NBA roster. Milicic … [Read on]

Michigan State coaches say they received ‘doctored’ game film from Ohio State

Urban Meyer won his first Big Ten game on Saturday in Ohio State’s 17-16 win over Michigan State. But of course the win doesn’t come without some type of controversy. Meyer entered the conference this summer and quickly rubbed fellow coaches the … [Read on]

What we learned from week five of the college football season

Here’s what we learned from Week 5 of the college football season. … [Read on]

Auburn fan makes video claiming Alabama got special treatment from refs during game against Ole Miss

Usually when it comes to Alabama and Auburn, we usually disregard many of the things that we see from fans. But when a Auburn fan claimed that Alabama gets special treatment from the refs, we decided to take a look into it. Below is a video from … [Read on]

Stephen Jackson is not fond of Amar’e Stoudamire’s and Tyson Chandler’s fashion choices

Stephen Jackson is currently busy doing what he usually does on his Twitter account: Sending out Instagram photos and promoting his music. But for a brief second tonight, he informed his followers as to why he doesn’t “hang wit NBA cats”. And he … [Read on]

Roger Goodell to Packers fans: I know you understand

Now that the regular referees are back on the job, Roger Goodell is willing to sort of apologize to NFL fans everywhere. But he saved his best quasi-apology for Packers fans. Instead of Goodell for once at least pretending to understand Packers … [Read on]