Photo: Devon Still’s daughter Leah gets her own Wheaties box

I think that by now, everyone has heard about Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still's daughter Leah battle with cancer. Her fight against the this terrible disease has inspired others to keep on fighting and to never give up. … [Read on]

Report: Eli Manning looking for contract similar to Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has made it known what his asking price is when it comes to a contract extension. Manning says he want to be the highest paid player in the NFL, but I doubt that he will be. But I do think that he should be … [Read on]

Video: Dez Bryant got caught slipping and gets punched in the face, Twitter reacts

The Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Ram took part in a joint practice on Tuesday. Everything thing was all good until a big brawl between the two teams broke out. The brawl was so big that it almost spilled into the crowd how was loving what they … [Read on]

Phil Jackson gave Knicks players a Michael Jordan book on what it takes to be a champion

At this point, no one knows what to expect from the New York Knicks this upcoming season. Hall of Famer Charles Barkley believes that they will make the playoffs, but I think he might be reaching a little bit on that prediction. Last season, it … [Read on]

Al Horford plans to wait until season is over to have contract talks

Atlanta Hawks forward Al Horford is one of the most underrated big men in the NBA. Even though Horford won't torch you for 30 or 40 points, he impacts the game in other ways. After making the his first All-Star Game last year, he is looking to step … [Read on]

Jerry Jones says Darren McFadden will ‘tear that you know what up’ if he stays healthy

The Dallas Cowboys coming into the 2015 NFL season looking to improve on winning the NFC East. One of the major storylines with the Cowboys is who will replace DeMarco Murray at running back. Darren McFadden is supposed to be the front-runner but has … [Read on]

GM Doug Whaley: “Buffalo Bills are a national brand now because of Rex Ryan”

Over the past few years, the Buffalo Bills wasn't considered to be a playoff contender. But with the arrival of new head coach Rex Ryan, the Bills are not only considered playoff contenders but many think they can win the AFC East. With Ryan at the … [Read on]

Georgia Bulldogs are planning a blackout against Kentucky

We are less than three weeks away from the college football season as teams are starting to get ready for their season opener. One team in particular that many will have their eyes on will be the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are considered the … [Read on]

Dexter McCluster wants the Titans to give him more opportunities and playing time

As the Tennessee Titans usher in a new era under quarterback Marcus Mariota, the organization plan to put playmakers around him. One of those playmakers was supposed to be running back Dexter McCluster, but things haven't gone according to plan. … [Read on]

Video: LSU WR Trey Quinn catches punt behind his back

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the LSU Tigers going into the 2015 college football season. They are killing it on the recruiting trail but need a good season to keep it up. While the defense will be young, the offense could be very good depending … [Read on]