Charlie Strong crowd surfed in locker room after upset over West Virginia

I have been trying to tell everyone that when Charlie Strong gets his players on campus, Texas is going to be a tough team to beat in the coming years. Saturday's victory over #23 West Virginia proves that the players are starting to buy into what … [Read on]

Jerry Jones: We would very much like to have a team in London

Leave it up to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to stir the pot when it comes to a NFL team moving to London. … [Read on]

Tom Thibodeau has no plans to rest Derrick Rose when he returns

Chicago Bulls fans were holding their breath this time last week when star point guard Derrick Rose injured himself. Even though Rose has been a game time decision in each of the last three games, fans want Rose to take it easy and rest up. Well, … [Read on]

Rex Ryan claims he never saw the visiting fans affect what the home team is doing

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan seems to not be worried about the Pittsburgh Steelers fans taking over their home stadium on Sunday. Steelers fans travel very well and plan to show up in a big way for this game. We  all saw what the Houston Texans … [Read on]

Dirk Nowitzki on the possibility of playing with LaMarcus Aldridge: ‘Ease up on that’

Portland Trailblazers forward  LaMarcus Aldridge has made it known that he plans to be a free agent after this season. Even though he has stated that he wants to re-sign with Portland, that won't stop other teams from making a run at him. One team … [Read on]

NHL COO John Collins: Jersey sponsorship ‘coming and happening’

Believe it or not, the National Hockey League has made great strides as an organization over the past couple of years. The league has seen their revenue which was at $2.2 billion back in 2006 increase to $4 billion. The league has garnered a lot of … [Read on]

The Boston Celtics unveil new sleeved grey alternative jerseys

The Boston Celtics have had the same jerseys since forever. Every other team in the league besides maybe the New Orleans Pelicans have some type of alternate jersey. Well now the Celtics can finally join the club because yesterday with the help of … [Read on]

Video: Rudy Gay almost catches an elbow to the face for patting DeMarcus Cousins on the butt

We all know that after Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins hits the deck, he is the last one that you want to be around while he is gathering himself. Rudy Gay found that out first hand last night during the Kings win over the Denver Nuggets. … [Read on]

England manager Roy Hodgson is not happy with timing of NFL’s scheduled games

It seems that the London NFL games have been a big hit for the locals as they have come out and supported the games. The NFL believes the games have been a success as well and have announced that more games will be played in London next year. Well … [Read on]

Ricky Rubio’s facial expression after teammate claims team will forget win is priceless

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio is a very funny man. After his team defeated the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, it marked the first road win over a playoff team since January. So you would think that the Timberwolves would be proud of that … [Read on]

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