Report: Texas Tech fired defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt for showing up to campus under the influence

Texas Tech defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt lost his job on Thursday for a reason other than the fact his defense has given up 36.7 points per game this season. Instead, according to ESPN, Wallerstedt lost his job after showing up to work … [Continue reading]

Ron Washington breaks silence, says he was not true to his wife

Ron Washington held a press conference on Thursday to address his sudden resignation as manager of the Texas Rangers. … [Continue reading]

Mike Krzyzewski: ‘It’s utterly ridiculous’ to say that USA Basketball is a showcase for he and Duke

On Monday, Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski pulled no punches when discussed who he believed was really gaining anything from USA Basketball. Wojnarowski argued that the NBA should’ve already pulled its NBA stars from international competition and only … [Continue reading]

Police say Jonathan Dwyer head-butted his wife, broke her nose

Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on Wednesday on domestic violence charges after an incident with his wife. Dwyer was at the Cardinals’ facility when officers arrived and led him away in handcuffs. … [Continue reading]

JaMarcus Russell is making Tater Skins for DISH Network

If by chance you’ve been wondering lately what ever happened to former NFL overall #1 draft pick JaMarcus Russell, I have answers for you. … [Continue reading]

Here’s Tom Brady’s old resumé from 2000

I know it’s hard to believe, but back in 2000 Tom Brady was not pegged to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. He was a 5th round pick back in 2000 and was seen as project from Belichick and the Patriots. … [Continue reading]

Minnesota Timberwolves plan to open training camp with a dunk contest between Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine

The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking for ways to get their fans excited about the upcoming NBA season. With the team trading Kevin Love during the offseason, the Timberwolves have a good collection of young talent on the roster led by point guard … [Continue reading]

Captain Munnerlyn doesn’t understand why Adrian Peterson’s situation is a big deal

We've seen in the past where a player messes up off the field and his teammates come to their rescue. Minnesota Vikings DB Captain Munnerlyn is voicing his opinion on teammate Adrian Peterson being indicted on charges for injuring a child. … [Continue reading]

Richard Sherman says that the reports that he refused to speak to reporters after Sunday’s game are lies

Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman was one of the major stories coming out of the second week of the NFL season. After several San Diego Chargers players claimed that Sherman got exposed, reports came out that Sherman refused to speak to reporters … [Continue reading]

Gloria Allred: Roger Goodell covered up a domestic violence allegation against Brandon Marshall

Yet another shot has been fired at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Attorney Gloria Allred called an impromptu press conference to announce that Brandon Marshall assaulted his former girlfriend Rasheeda Watley. Watley’s friend Kristeena Spivey … [Continue reading]

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