NBA executive says defense is why Carlos Boozer is still a free agent

As the start of NBA training camps is getting closer, many teams are still looking at free agents trying to decide who they will give an invite too. One name that no one thought would be a free agent at this point is forward Carlos Boozer. The former … [Read on]

DeSean Jackson: “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be ready to go Week 1″

The Washington Redskins pre-season hasn't gone exactly how they would've liked so far. Many have questioned the relationship between head coach Jay Gruden and Robert Griffin III after the beating he took against the Detroit Lions. To make things eve … [Read on]

Should USC consider firing head coach Steve Sarkisian after turning up at a booster event?

The University of Southern California got more than what they asked for from head coach Steve Sarkisian at a booster event last weekend. Sarkisian humiliated himself and the school during his drunk rant during the event. Sarkisian apologized on … [Read on]

Bill Simmons says the best kept secret in the NBA is Steve Ballmer doesn’t know what he is doing

The Los Angeles Clippers found themselves in the headline once again on Tuesday when the NBA fined them $250,000 for offering DeAndre Jordan an endorsement. Owner Steve Ballmer sent a memo out saying that this was unintentional and inadvertent. The … [Read on]

Video: Maine man says he shouted “Free Tom Brady” at Roger Goodell while he was shopping with his wife

The saga between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and commissioner Roger Goodell still is ongoing. The NFL have made it clear that they want Brady to accept his four game suspension which has the Patriots organization and their fans pissed … [Read on]

UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne’s wife says Ronda Rousey has been dating her husband for a while now

Remember when UFC star Ronda Rousey complained that she couldn't find a man because everyone was scared of her? Well it looks like her statement is going to be put to the test now. UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne is under investigation for domestic … [Read on]

Seems like no one wants to take a chance on Anthony Bennett

There is a lot of excitement in Minnesota these days as the Timberwolves have a lot of young talent full of potential. Many are high on the talent they have drafted over the past few years, but one player still hasn't shown any signs that he might … [Read on]

Joe Thomas says NFL is like WWE, compares Roger Goodell to Vince McMahon

The National Football League has a big problem right now and it starts and ends with commissioner Roger Goodell. Ever since the Ray Rice situation, fans and players have started to lose faith in the commissioner. But what he is trying to do to New … [Read on]

Terrell Suggs throws shots at the Eagles coaching staff

Baltimore Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs was the topic of discussion during the team's pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Suggs has been criticized for a low hit that he delivered to quarterback Sam Bradford on Saturday night. … [Read on]

After a 14 month old video of him telling rookies to have a “fall guy”, Cris Carter wants everyone to forgive him

Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Cris Carter is known to say anything out of his mouth. Just a few weeks ago, he blamed New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith getting his jar broken was a lack of leadership. Now Carter is in the headlines again due to … [Read on]