Report: Flip Saunders really likes Jahlil Okafor, could pass on Karl-Anthony Towns

Tuesday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves found out that they will have the number one pick in this year's NBA Draft. Most draft experts believe that there is only two players in the running for that pick. Duke's Jahlil Okafor and … [Read on]

Frank Gore calls out Vernon Davis on Instagram, deletes post afterwards

The San Francisco 49ers will be one of the teams that many will be watching closely this season. After forcing Jim Harbaugh out, multiple players that played for the 49ers in 2014, either retired or went to a different team. One of those players is … [Read on]

Report: Practices habits considered the main reason why Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan have falling out

A few days ago, it was reported that Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul and center DeAndre Jordan had falling out throughout the season. Many people in the Clippers organization are concerned about this due to Jordan becoming a free agent … [Read on]

Michael Jordan plans to fight for his name in the highest court in China

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has never met a challenge that he won't take head on. I think that everyone knows that when it comes to shoes, Jordan has the market on lockdown. But now he has a very huge problem, but not it's not in the United … [Read on]

Bob McNair thinks Robert Kraft dropping his appeal was the smart thing to do

Earlier today, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced that his organization will not appeal the punishment given out by the NFL due to DeflateGate. Kraft also added that he wasn't happy with decision, but has learned to accept it. The … [Read on]

Report: Titans made secret deal with a broker to keep sellout streak alive

For the past sixteen season, the Tennessee Titans paperwork show that they have had a sellout for every home. Many people have been skeptical of those numbers due to the economy falling on hard times as well as other things. There's also the fact … [Read on]

Joe Alleva says LSU will not play in Tiger Stadium on Thanksgiving while he is there

Since Texas A&M joined the SEC, the LSU Tigers has been the team designated to replace Texas as the Aggies' Thanksgiving weekend game. This past season, the Aggies move their annual game with the Tigers to Thanksgiving just like it use to be with … [Read on]

Someone changed the Texas A&M entrance sign to “Bevel”

A few weeks ago, the Texas A&M’s Board of Regents voted in favor of replacing the school's "T Star" logo on the 52-year old seal. After the news broke about the change, Aggies fans have been voicing their displeasure about this and want the logo … [Read on]

Kevin Garnett once head-butted a wall while watching “Making Da Band”

At this point in his career, many people believe that Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. I also believe that many people, including myself believe that Garnett is crazy. His notable incidents with Dwight Howard and … [Read on]

Video: ESPN’s Michael Smith says “stupid s**t” during live broadcast

As many of you know, ESPN has a lot of debate shows on their network. One show in particular has gotten a lot of attention today due to a certain word being said. The His and Hers co-host Michael Smith was discussing how ridiculous it was for Penn … [Read on]