Report: Mavericks are considering bringing back Jason Terry

The Dallas Mavericks have been one of the teams that really improved their roster this off-season. After signing DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews, many consider the Mavericks one of the better team in the Western Conference. But other teams have … [Read on]

Philip Rivers: “I knew that the Antonio Gates suspension was coming”

Coming into the 2015 season, San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates had a lot to prove after a sub-par 2014 season. Gates raised some eyebrows a few months ago when he thought they he should play less to be more effective. After the criticism he … [Read on]

Matt Bonner says the iPhone 6 is the blame for his poor shooting year

When athletes in any sport have a down year, some of them handle it in different ways. Some acknowledge that they played bad and tell us that they plan to work hard so they can improve. Others make excuses and try to find a way to convince that it … [Read on]

Six months after swimming 27-miles to safety, Rob Konrad says he turned down movie and book offers to tell his story

It has been six months since former Miami Dolphins FB Rob Konrad falling off his boat and swimming 27-miles to safety. Many were blown away when they heard about the story and I still am to this day. With Konrad story being so miraculous, it was only … [Read on]

Albert Haynesworth: “I lost my passion for football when I signed with Washington”

Former NFL Albert Haynesworth defensive tackle was a dominating figure on the defensive line for the Tennessee Titans. After his dominating for the Titans, Haynesworth setting himself up to receive a huge payday, which he got from the Washington … [Read on]

Report: Anderson Varejao’s contract is the reason why Joe Johnson hasn’t been traded to the Cavaliers

It seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers are gearing up for another big push towards the winning the Eastern Conference again. Signing Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert back was big for the Cavs and it's only a matter of team before Tristan Thompson and … [Read on]

Report: Brock Lesnar injured a fan when he threw a piece of a car door into the crowd

Now I don't know if any of you watch WWE on a weekly basis(I don't), but when Brock Lesnar shows up it's a different story. Monday night, Lesnar got some payback on WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and J&J Security by destroying their … [Read on]

Video: Here is Anthony Davis shooting three pointers like his been doing this for years

I think by now, many consider New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis one of the best players in the NBA. Head coach Alvin Gentry believes that Davis only trails LeBron James as the best player in the NBA. Davis agreed to a five-year,$145 million … [Read on]

Jaguars GM says Blake Bortles suffered from a “dead arm” late last season

The plan that the Jacksonville Jaguars put in place for QB Blake Bortles didn't go the way they wanted it too. The Jags wanted Bortles to sit out the entire 2014 season but things changed after Chad Henne wasn't getting the job done. Bortles provided … [Read on]

Jimmy Butler on Derrick Rose: “I don’t think we have any issues”

Before the start of free agency, many thought that Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler would be suiting up for another team next season. The Bulls put all of the speculation to rest after signing Butler to a five-year, $95 million contract. Now that … [Read on]