Rice sent a recruiting letter to QB prospect’s cat

When it comes to recruiting in college football, any edge that you can get with a recruit you try to take advantage of it. Well the Rice Owls may have taken things to a different level. … [Continue reading]

Anonymous Rams teammate of Michael Sam has concerns over his reality show

Well it seems not everyone in the St. Louis Rams locker room is thrilled about Michael Sam having a reality show. It was announced Wednesday that Sam would have his own reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. There has been a mixed reaction from … [Continue reading]

Jaguars owner Shad Khan takes a shot at Aaron Ross

New York Giants defensive back Aaron Ross made headlines last year after being released by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ross referred to his one year stay with the Jaguars  as “a nice paid vacation to Florida". Even though he apologized for his … [Continue reading]

Milan Lucic had plenty to say in the handshake line after Game 7 loss

The NHL's tradition of the handshake line is usually applauded for good sportsmanship after games. Well last night, Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic took a different approach. After being eliminated from the playoffs by the Montreal … [Continue reading]

Former Clipper Marques Johnson tells personal story about his dealings with Donald Sterling

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Now that Sterling is being forced out by the NBA, more people are starting to come foward with their own personal stories. Well former Clipper player Marques Johnson … [Continue reading]

Cleveland Browns offered Washington Redskins 4th round pick for Kirk Cousins

During the NFL Draft, most people thought that the Cleveland Browns were all in for Johnny Manziel. But before the draft took place, the Browns were exploring other options as well. One of those options was Washington Redskins backup QB Kirk … [Continue reading]

Andre Johnson wonders if the Texans are the team for him

Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson doesn't seem too thrilled to be a Texan right now. After the Texans finished 2-14 last season, the last thing Johnson wants to do is be part of another rebuild of his team. Johnson spoke to the media after … [Continue reading]

Three of the top NBA prospects have decided to skip the draft combine

The NBA draft combine is scheduled to take place this week, but the event will be missing potentially the top three players in this year's draft. … [Continue reading]

Roy Hibbert credits heckling fan for getting him going in Game 4

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has been playing his best basketball of late against the Washington Wizards. Hibbert's improved play is one of the reasons the Pacers have an 3-1 advantage over the Wizards. … [Continue reading]

Texas A&M Regent wants Kyle Field to be named after Johnny Manziel

The University of Texas A&M is in the middle of a $450 million renovation of Kyle Field led by Texas A&M regent Jim Schwertner. While giving an update on how the renovations are going, Schwertner made a suggestion that raised a few eyebrows. … [Continue reading]

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