Alabama vs LSU is the most expensive ticket for the 2014 season

With the college football season kicking off tomorrow (technically it will kickoff today), I wanted you to know what is the hottest ticket for the 2014 season. There are many marquee games on the schedule this year but a rivalry in the SEC tops them … [Continue reading]

Ryan Clark blames Troy Vincent for Brandon Meriweather’s suspension

Washington Redskins safety Ryan Clark is at it again but this time for he is speaking up about his teammate. Brandon Meriweather was suspended two games for his hit on Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith. Commissioner Roger Goodell has been under … [Continue reading]

A drone that flew over Bank of America Stadium is now under FAA investigation

Fans that were at last Thursday's preseason game between the Carolina Panthers and the Kansas City Chiefs saw something other than the football in the air. A camera-toting drone was seen hovering over Bank of America stadium which got everyone's … [Continue reading]

John Rocker has agreed to join the cast of ‘Survivor’

When you think of former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, the first word that comes to mind is "controversy". As we all know, Rocket made some disturbing comments in a Sports Illustrated article back in 1999 which still follows him to this day. … [Continue reading]

Is China’s Taishan Dong the next big thing in heavyweight boxing?

For the past decade, the Klitschko brothers have dominated the heavyweight division. Now that Vitali has retired and Wladimir is thinking about doing the same, the heavyweight division needs a star to emerge. Meet Taishan Dong. who  has been called … [Continue reading]

Former boxing champion Jermain Taylor was arrested after a shooting at his house

Former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor has been out of boxing for 26 months, but he was scheduled to fight in October for the IBF middleweight title. Those plans might have to be put on hold as Taylor has legal issues to deal with. … [Continue reading]

Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holders get half off on concealed weapons class

The Jacksonville Jaguars are looking for ways to reward their season ticket holders. The Teal Deals promotion gives season ticket holders deals around the city and in the stadium. One deal that I'm sure the city will love is the one where they can … [Continue reading]

Giancarlo Stanton says five month playoff push doesn’t replace the last five years

Miami Marlins' outfielder Giancarlo Stanton will be a free agent in two years. For the Marlins organization, they will have to make a decision on signing Stanton to a long-term deal or trading him before he hits free agency. … [Continue reading]

Larry Drew says he was blindsided by the way he was fired

Former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Larry Drew has been tight-lipped about how he was treated by his former team. Drew was fired on June 30 in favor of Jason Kidd in a very unprofessional way. It was so unprofessional that it rubbed many people the … [Continue reading]

Tennessee sent a photoshopped Beyonce Rolling Stone cover to a recruit

What you see above is a photo that  five-star defensive tackle Shy Tuttle tweeted recently. And apparently, the University sent him that photoshopped Rolling Stone cover of him and Beyonce holding hands. Will this ultimately help the Vols land … [Continue reading]

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